You have come here for big things but are at a crossroads. It is time to heal to discover the real reason you incarnated. I have walked the master’s path and undergone the initiation process through the God Source, All One – Christ, and now I share the way with you! 

I had my awakening and activation in 2006. I was connected to the divine spontaneously! I was told many things all of which happened! I was told of my mission and role here. It changed the trajectory of my life completely. In 2019 I was initiated by Guardian Yeshua and connected to the God-Source, and I began my lessons. Uncovering the ascended master’s path.

You may be one who chose to come here and assist in the ascension and transformation of planet earth! I have created a members portal where you can connect and begin healing for ascension! Here you will become a student of Christ Consciousness and learn the new way of the new earth, so you can tap into your creator’s force to transform!

Connecting to the Members Portal, you begin working from the ALL ONE & the 144. This is the only way to break free from the old ways of the old world of separation and the Anti-Kryst program humanity is fixed into.

Join us and assist in the Great Awakening!

✓  Connect to the ONE

✓  Work with the 144 

✓  Experience New Earth

✓  Access Divine Messages

✓  Aid in Ascension Process

✓  Balance Body & Mind

✓  Balance Chakras

✓  Balance Divine Masculine/Feminine energies

✓ Bioregenesis

✓  Clear energetic blockages

✓ Connect to Spirit

✓  Develop intuitive abilities

✓  DNA Rehabilitation

✓  Enhance bodily processes

✓  Enhance the immunity

✓  Reduce & understand symptoms

✓  Release dark force energy

✓  Release matrix distortions

✓  Release old patterns 

✓  Release limiting beliefs

✓  Release Separation

✓ And so much more! 

144 DNA



Connect, Heal, Ascend. Monthly DNA Upgrades & Secret Live Streams. Work in resonance with 144!



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