I am here to teach the Cosmic Law of One and share this frequency for individual and collective evolution. I connect beings to their truth- Source to heal, ascend and be ONE!

 Save time, money, and energy the new way! The way to divine truth! My mission was to incarnate, heal and uncover the ascended master path, ascend and align with the cosmic core of creation and share it with the beings that chose to be here to transform this planet. 

I was initiated onto this path in 2019, uncovering my mission and the Source Code. I have had to heal my symptoms and learn the hard way so I can guide others home. I had to go into hermit mode, uncover and construct the Open Source Program to activate and awaken the beings that chose to come here and transform the earth. I share the tools to do this!

There are many chosen ones, indigos, and starseeds who have been shining their light but fixed into the old world matrix of separation they are struggling and are bombarded with low frequencies aka distortions. The open Source Program gives them the energetic protection and strength that they so desperately need. Connected to the ALL ONE Frequency they will be able to contain their light and use that for creation. 

✓ Prepare for Ascension 

✓ Connect to the Open Source Program

✓ Align & maintain a connection with Source

✓ Protect your energy & contain your light

✓ Use Your Empathic Gifts as  a strength

✓ become a programmer of this reality

✓ Interpret messages from the inner & outer world

✓ heal yourself easily & more powerfully than anything ever

✓ Release low frequencies anytime, anywhere when they surface

✓ create your healing record & purge on autopilot

 ✓ align & integrate with the 5D & beyond

✓ Move from the AntiKryst Program of Separation to Kryst

✓ connect with your collective & co-create New Earth

✓ Gain energetic resilience as we collectively ascend each month

 ✓ Access more force monthly as we collectively anchor more light

✓ Ascension Portal Access

✓ Avatar Activation

✓ Ascension Training

✓ Instant Healing & Upgrades

✓ patrons only online course

The New Way



Wellness subscription for consciousness expansion. Healing for ascension & integration to 5D and beyond.
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Remote Session completed via distance within 24-72hrs of purchase (business hours). Once completed you will receive email notification
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Energetic attunement to hold the base 12 mechanics of the Christos Blueprint.
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