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Helping Lightwarriors Heal, Ascend and Assist in the 'Shift to 5D.'

Nadine Hamilton

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Ascension Teacher, Energy Healer, Channel and Creator of 5D Code

I share the 5D Code, Frequency and Wisdom with Lightwarriors so they can heal, ascend and assist in the ‘Shift to 5D.‘ 

The Code is new information for the body. It is an energetic upgrade that enables one to clear a long list of negative frequencies at once to maintain their physical and energetic body to tune into higher states of consciousness, reconnecting with their higher self and Source.

Level One Students can start releasing emotional, toxic, dark, field and more imbalances to raise their frequency and protect their field to Ascend. Students reclaim their time, energy and money while healing profoundly.

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The 5D Code First Level. A Journey into Source Energy. Tuning you into the Frequency so you can Align and Integrate to the 5D!
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Endocrine Disruptors | Nadine Hamilton

Online Store

Online Store

Online Courses, Attunement's, Add on Programming. Mentoring Sessions and Divination Charts.
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Polarity of the Heart | Nadine Hamilton

Sessions with Nadine

Sessions with Nadine

Understand the imbalances that are contributing to spiritual disconnection whatever the symptom, issue or complaint. Private appointment via zoom or email session with a full report.
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Listen. Read. Watch.

The 5D is all about power, simplicity and ease! We all have the ability to heal! Raise frequency, heal and protect our energetic field. Get access to the 5D Wisdom now.

Ready For The Next Step!

Access the 5D Code, Frequency, Network and Online Course! Access the Code to clear the low frequencies of the 3D.

Assisting The Spiritual Seekers Of The World! With The 5D Code, They Can Discover The Truth Contained Within; And Return To Source. Healing Is The Only Way Forward For Our Individual And Collective Growth. 

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Expansion Of Information

We now get the expansion of information to illustrate how we can personally play our part and co-create a new world! What is required is

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The Quantum Leap | Nadine Hamilton

The Quantum Leap!

GoldenAge Ascension is the beginning of an exciting time in history! The beginning of a new age! A chance for us to rewrite our story

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