Message from a Master

Message from a Master

Last February I started channeling and working with Ascended Master Jesus. Creating a tool for humanity to ascend. This is a channeled message that I found on my computer and I feel now is the time to share it… So here it is a message from an Essene.

For thousands of years, man has excreted power on other fellow men. Man against man, the survival of the fittest. The powers that be look to rip off the underdog for their gain and power.

Money rules and Pharmaceutical companies are taking over the world, making us sicker and sicker and digging us into a hole that seems impossible to get out.

We need to find our roots, get back to mother nature, share and celebrate our gifts and talents. Lift each other up and share, teach, laugh and sing!
Raise our vibration and start enjoying life again.

Man worships falsities. They put all their faith into things that will make them suffer and keep them stuck and stagnate. The wheel of fortune has turned and new beginnings for all.

The energy of christ consciousness is upon us, and it is time to discover what we have lost through lies, deceit and struggle. For the powers that be will no longer be on top and each and every one of us will shine and light the way for a new paradigm Shift of LOVE, HAPPINESS and GRATITUDE!
To unlock this power, all you need to do is look inside. Life isn’t struggle! Life is LOVE; Life is GRATITUDE and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

It is time to discover who we are; it is time to discover the power we all possess.

For I AM the light of God, We are the light of God. We are GOD. We are made of the building blocks of the universe. We process untapped potential of what dreams are made.

We must be brave and step into the light and not dwell in darkness. We must lift each other up and support the greater good. We must step outside our comfort zone, out of the box. Step into the field of pure potential and creativity and sing our song. We are all different but one and the same.

We are all born into this world with a mission the darkness will seek to distance us and take us on a twisted path of self-doubt, worthlessness and shame. The darkest will twist us into what it can. We need to release ourselves from the chains to the known reality. We need to trust in the divine part within each and every one of us.

We Can reignite that spark with heart centred healing. The PURE Simplicity of this healing is what makes it the most cutting edge healing modality in the known world. It is all based on love and light, science and spirituality.

The polarity within our bodies, activating the heart centre and pure christ consciousness energy.

Since the day Jesus was born and crucified for being the light, sharing the message that we are all gods children, for being punished for actually healing, helping and teaching. It is the usual story of good vs evil, light vs dark, heaven vs hell.

The ideals that we have been taught that we must struggle and sacrifice to succeed and get what we want.

There is a much simpler version. Tapping into the field of pure potential and co-creating from that place of thought, feeling and LOVE. Our bodies are instruments, tools more powerful than anything you may dream up.

The new golden age is upon us, and our wildest dreams will come true if we step out of the box society has put us in. We must nurture and follow our passion. We must give love and gratitude. We must appreciate one another and lift each other up, for this is the secret to absolute happiness and joy!
We are reigniting the divine spark that creates us, our heart and our mind! Our bodies are powerful healing machines! We hold the key to healing ourselves. Activating our heart centre and stepping out into the field using our very biology

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