I have been through much darkness to uncover my truth and mission to embody Christ. I share the portal to heal through Christ, connecting members to the Source. In time I will share the 12 Stand DNA Christ Attunement. 

Nadine hamilton
Christ Incarnate, Master Teacher

I share my story and the knowledge attained in my ascension and embodiment of Christ to help you heal. I must honour cosmic, universal and natural laws in doing what I do, and to be one, you must too! Everything in your reality is for growth, so we must understand to receive, we MUST give! Giving to receive is paramount! Beings must operate with these laws to shift their reality; old ways will not work! This is the New WAY; I am a messenger and a guide- I do not make the rules.

I have spent years since my initiation remembering and uncovering my truth by healing through Christ to embody Christ finally. I have had to move through all the darkness to learn from it and heal for it to be free from it. It has been a challenging time. On this path, I have uncovered the blueprint of creation; in this uncovering, I have learned all the information and geometry encoded within it. Along the way, I have remembered who I am as the Holy Mother and have had to do a lot of work on the stargate systems on a planetary, galactic and universal level. I am only one person, though now I need others to access the frequency I share to make a more significant impact. I am now energetically able to support others to heal. There are different levels in which I do this. 


If you were born into this world and feel you came here for big things and want to know what comes next, join our weekly Ascension Streams on YouTube.  you will receive cosmic wisdom to heal, activate and awaken you through Christ; ensure you watch the complete streaming to activate these Christ Codes. To claim, you must Like and Subscribe. Sharing my content is powerful; the divine will reward those sharing this message. Connect with my socials here!


A healing and ascension portal. Connection to the open source program and zero point. Members begin to prepare for ascension releasing the separation, antichrist, and anti-life frequencies to heal! To give beings access requires a lot of my energy and healing! You choose your level of ascension and how much you invest in yourself; the more you invest, the deeper you heal. Find out more here.


This is the 12 Stand DNA Attunement, aka the template of creation for those who incarnated for the Christos Mission. Many beings are unaware they have come for this right now.  The true 144,000 are beautiful, humble beings who have had a life of struggle. Are you a One?

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