Nadine Hamilton


Illuminator, Ascension Teacher and Guide. 

I share the illumination codes with those beings who have incarnated to assist in the great awakening! These codes are to allow humanity to unplug from the old world matrix program and plug into the new earth high-frequency network.

I continue to decode and fine-tune, accessing illumination codes for all the 8 levels. I am then able to purge the Light Network of these low frequencies. Anyone connected to this Network benefits, and the ripple effect goes both ways. Collective members who do the inner work, active and open, are also assisting in raising the frequency of this network!

It is beautiful, and just like a flower blooming, we bloom into our divinity! Discovering who we are as a Divine Master Mind. It is all about energy, frequency and vibration – the exchange of energy. We are the creators of the new earth and work with Creation for expansion and evolution. As more beings join our collective, the higher we will rise. We are only just beginning and history in the making!


In my life, I had many mystical experiences that I did not understand. In 2006 I had my awakening where Creation opened up to me, and I had access to all this universal wisdom and knowledge—such a profound experience. At this time, Creation shared many things with me, but they were so grandiose my family checked me into the mental health ward; I was quickly drugged, and the door shut! I resented them for a long while because I had never felt so good. I went from an anxious, depressed, lost person to be in love with life- colours were brighter, and music spoke to me. I turned opposite to who I was – I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar, but I knew that was not correct.

But as I have discovered, everything happens for a reason, in perfect divine timing. My premonitions all came true, and I conceived my son at the exact time told, then my daughter 3 years later. What I know now is I first had to become a mother. I had to birth these two beings into creation. And fulfil the mother role before I was to learn why I incarnated, connect with my monad and serve humanity.

In 2014 I was after an answer to what had happened. How did it happen? Do I have a purpose? I was struggling with so much darkness in my life I started searching for my truth. I decided to join a psychic circle and awaken a part of my Being. It was at this time Reiki was illuminated to me. I was attuned to Level 1; I was amazed by this subtle healing energy that I felt. As I healed and worked through the Levels, becoming a Reiki Master, I felt I was missing something crucial. For those who do not know me yet, I am a seeker who likes to know the ins and outs of everything; I want a logical explanation and will not stop until I have the answer. And I found that Reiki did not answer the questions I was seeking – how does this energy work? Why does it work? Is it working right now? If it is, how do I know precisely? I wanted answers!

There were chronic issues I suffered that Reiki did not heal. I took pain meds every 4 hours for my chronic headaches, gut meds, allergy meds and other occasional medications because I was always sick. I wasn’t the only one suffering, so were my kids! We were in a downward spiral!. So when I discovered working with the frequencies of plant medicine, things changed. I had support from a beautiful community of beings who taught me about healing naturally! I could not believe I got off everything.

While working with the plants and healing on the physical level, Creation wished me to show me the next step – healing my heart, mind and emotions. Creation guided me to Gaia and illuminated to me my next step in discovering my purpose. Teachers who I will be ever grateful to like Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Doctor Brad. Dr Brad Nelson was illuminated to me with the Emotion Code on a Gaia interview. I had to know more.

The next stepping stone revealed itself, and I felt magnetised to learning about Emotion Code. It was terrific, and I loved it so much I became certified in it and Body Code. It was great for a while, but again, I was in that downward spiral. I could make symptoms disappear, but they quickly reappeared. I was healing up to 8 hours a day or more. I could not understand it!

Then something funny happened in February 2019. Ascended Master Jesus connected with me again. He was the one that first appeared to me in 2006 and told me my mission, and he was a big part of the reason I was locked up! I can not explain precisely what happened. Because, of course, magical things can be quite unexplainable.

Since that time in February 2019, there has been so much evolution and expansion. I have embarked upon a powerful journey into my Being, guided by Creation. Along the way, I was introduced to the 33 Light Beings of the GoldenAge Collective. 11 from the Divine, 11 Masters and 11 Interdimensional Minds. They have helped me remember who I was and why I incarnated here—a mission that is so unbelievable it has to be experienced to be believed. My mission is to guide others so they can find the truth of their Being, Mission and Purpose.

With the Illumination Codes, the Seed of Creation awakened within; one uses the light and the dark to align with Creation. Hence, assisting in the creation of New Earth. Becoming ones own saviour. Illumination through the Core/Heart Portal guided by the one eternal mind!

Mind and matter are aligning to the truth of what we are! Access to a deeper truth of creation and the forces that shape reality. A new way of Being! The key to tuning into the oneness of all to evolve. The new earth program to integrate and sync to a high-frequency network. We are doing the inner work to nurture ourselves, humanity and Mother Earth.

As I continue working with Creation, I keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible and accessing more profound knowledge of what I do. Things never stay still, and as we raise frequency, the wisdom we get access to and our power grows stronger. We are continually shifting, expanding and evolving. Out of the dark into illumination! We are all doing this together under the umbrella of the One, Source, Creation.

We all serve one another in this divine plan and the rollout of the new light network of Golden Earth. I give gratitude to those who take the leap into the field of creation and accept their mission. Now is the time we have a choice to evolve or repeat. Those who choose to evolve will never look back!

We have an extraordinary collective of beings who have had the Seed of Illumination over the years. They have worked side by side along with me, and their efforts are a big part of why I am here. We are only just beginning now as we have so much more understanding of the mission.

There is so much universal wisdom, knowledge and illumination to share. Please join me, join us, join creation in birthing something new and bright. I will illuminate you! You are a Divine Being, and you got this!

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