My mission is to share the ascended master path with the beings who have incarnated to transform the planet. Sharing the attunements from Christ and knowledge to activate and align to Source, beginning the universal lessons with the divine.  It is time to do what Jesus did and become a saviour and co-create new earth with the gift from Source.
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I always felt out of place in this world! As a child, I hoped for a better world where everyone could get along and work together in love. I suffered crippling anxiety and depression. For as long as I remember, certain people would trigger me, and I would become an emotional mess, and I had no idea why. This made me so much more shy and introverted!

As a teen, I had some very eye-opening mystical experiences that I could not explain, and I began questioning reality. In 2006 I had my awakening and activation. I was told of my mission through Ascended Master Jesus and saw into the mind Source, God Creation. I began astral travelling, automatic writing, channeling spirit and recording information that I did not understand… although now it all makes sense.

From birth to the present, situations in my life, events, people, places, synchronistic mystical experiences that happened I knew had a deeper meaning all make sense now. I have pieced the puzzle together now and understand the truth of all how and why it happened.

At the end of the 3 years cycle and initiation into the divine mentored by Jesus and many other teachers, I now get to share God Source’s gift so others can do it too and begin the ascended master journey.

As one raises frequency on this journey, they access higher dimensions, aka levels of information, and they begin to become more mind, more consciously aware of the one in which we all are! Such a wild ride. This isn’t about accessing 5D, which is hugely limiting – this is all the way!

I can’t wait to share this with Beings, who are on a quest for knowledge, questioning this reality and existence itself! Those who are not afraid to push past their beliefs and take a leap of faith to find the actual truth.

I have walked this path, mastered myself, embodied the Sophia, Christos, balanced my feminine and masculine energy, entered through the portal into the One Eternal Mind of God Source! I have the mind map for you to do it too.

I have been working from the frequency of Mother Arc, Father Arc and the Blue Flame to direct the energy flow from the frequency I am at to my collective and the new earth grid. As more join us and prepare their body to hold the light of Christos, the more energy we will be able to anchor.

22.02.2022 was the green light to put this out there! Source opens the floodgates—the official beginning of the Great Awakening. Starseeds, indigos, new earth volunteers, it is time! Here is history in the making. Time to put our heads together, purge the planet of darkness, collapsing timelines that do not serve!

I am still exploring and uncovering the truth of what I have to bring, but now I am excited to share this wisdom with others. Together we will hold the light, access the truth of creation, anchor and co-create the new earth as one!




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