Nadine Hamilton

My Mission

Ascension Teacher, Energy Healer, Channel and Creator of 5D Code

My Mission is to share the Code I have channelled from Source and the 33 Divine Master Minds for humanities ascension and return to Source.

The more spiritual warriors, starseeds, healers, lightworkers, seekers, and intuitives who empower themselves with the Code and join us, the faster we can anchor in the light frequencies to our 5D Network. 

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Our 5D Network surrounds mother Gaia assisting it and humanity. The 5D Network is always energetically maintained by the 33 and myself. Each month we connect via zoom to serve, fine-tune and teach students by channeling the 33 and healing the blocks. 

We are all frequency, vibration and energy! To assist in the shift means operating from the truth of what we are. To assist in the shift means going within, shedding, releasing, and transmuting the low frequencies weighing us down. 

Nadine Hamilton | 5D CODED

The Story

We all have the power to access higher dimensions! Unfortunately, humanity is trapped 3D Matrix Program. This has been created by the Darkness to steal our light and keep us limited. Source and the Divine Master Minds share the truth of who we are and what we need to do if we wish to escape this old world program and escape the matrix. 

We are key in doing this! Those who have incarnated to create a new world are suffering, but now the gift has been sent so we can protect our energy field, and raise our frequency by releasing the low frequencies that are keeping us in the outdated program created to control us! 

When our system has the code- aka information, it can tune into the higher consciousness of creation. This is an important time in space where we have the power to not only heal ourselves by clearing the low frequencies; we raise the frequency of humanity and literally assist in the ‘Shift to 5D.’

With the 5D comes the knowing we are all one and all connected. What we do individually sets a ripple effect for the rest of humanity and the universe. This is expansion and evolution!











Level One Code. A Journey back to Source.
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Shift to 5D | Nadine Hamilton

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Online Store

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Sessions with Nadine

Understand the imbalances that are contributing to spiritual disconnection whatever the symptom, issue or complaint. Private appointment via zoom or email session with a full report.
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