Nadine Hamilton


Source Messenger, Spiritual Teacher, Embodyment of Christos/Sophia

I am here to share the alchemical frequency of Source, Sophia and continue the teachings of Christ Consciousness Energy to raise frequency and transform Gaia. A NEW Program for Humanities Ascension.

Joining Forces with seekers on a quest for knowledge so together as one we can decode our way out of the matrix and birth the new era in this Golden Age. We do this easily with the guidance we each receive from Source. This is deceptively simple with the code, wisdom and energetic attunement!

A divine connection and high-frequency network where we get the power to take back our light force that has been fuelling the dark force agenda!


I, like many other divine beings incarnated on earth right now, struggle greatly. In this lifetime, I have suffered many symptoms, mind, body and spirit. I have hit rock bottom many times, but I did not give up. I kept pushing, seeking and searching. I had that little voice in the back of my head encouraging me to find a deeper understanding of what was happening. I never got stuck in one way, one mindset, one practice. I always followed what resonated and what made sense to me internally.

I had my big awakening in 2006; I was plugged into the Divine and met Ascended Master Jesus for the first time, told of what I would accomplish in my life- but of course, that was crazy! Was I delusional? The problem with that was the synchronicities, and the predictions shared with me all came true! That was not the first time either, and it would not be the last! There were many parts on my timeline where this happened, which made me constantly decode my reality to no avail at the time. Only now is everything fitting together to see and understand why it all had to happen! A divinely orchestrated plan.

Life has not been easy, and many lessons have been dark ones. I felt often tested; this whole time, I have felt alone, in the dark and misunderstood. I have wondered, how can I receive such light, wisdom and clarity to find myself in the dark once again?

In my seeking and releasing the low frequencies surrounding my core, I was connected to christ conscious energy and began a journey into creation, embarking on the path to ascension. As I walk this path, my alignment to the one eternal mind- Source deepens, and I remember more of who I am and what I have to share with the world! I am beginning to see the divine plan and why we all need to be super excited! I now see precisely what I have to share to assist in the great awakening. I remember who I am, are, and will be.

I am not alone; there are many masters incarnated right now, all feeling the way I have described. All here to become one with Source once again birthing light to this planet!

Yes, I was first to do this; I am the creator and guide, but we are no different, and you are the creator of something magical too- it just has to be uncovered with the attunement blessed to us by christ conscious energy. We are more powerful than the dark because we are the ones who have been fueling it! I am lighting up, which means others have to too; we are all one, connected in the field.

Now is the time to dismantle the Matrix, take our light force back, raise frequency and use it to transform Gaia! We are frequency alone and by working from the truth of what we are, understanding it and being aware is how we change the simulation and shape reality!

I share the tools for you to discover yourself through your self. Blessing you with the alchemical tools of ascension to walk your path and rediscover your mission, assisting in the divine mission and ascension of Gaia.

The Matrix has deceived us and kept us operating in separation through deception. An open mind is key to connecting to the divine high-frequency network! The ability to trust in the ONE, relearning everything you think you know! Comprehending the truth and breaking boundaries is difficult- very difficult, I know I have done it. But if I have done this, so can you!

Now we get to awaken to new levels of consciousness, awareness to discover the true magic of creation and manifestation- together. Soon those who have chosen will receive the code energetically to tune into the divine frequency and see this truth.

Are you ready to unplug from the Matrix, begin the detachment process, to know your truth?

This is History in the making and what humanity have been waiting for to be FREE! We are our own saviour – no one can do for us! All that is needed is the code to do so, the willingness and resilience to push through. If this is you, you will see this as you level up and walk the tree of life.

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