An Awakening

I was the strange kid, the weird kid who lacked confidence and hid from the world. I was a lost soul who loved nothing more than to lie down and stare at the sky above, no matter day or night.

I would question why am I here, what will I be… what will I do with my life. Often an overwhelming thing to think as I lacked so much at the time. I lost myself in my imagination. I read books about tarot, palmistry & astrology! I loved ghost stories, unsolved mysteries and horror! Yes I was strange… well that’s what was said.

I felt fear, I felt anxious, I felt others feelings towards me. I wanted to change the world but believed I was helpless and that was unattainable!

Brought up a catholic I questioned things that just did not make sense. Lots of things that didn’t add up. I was told that kids were to be seen and not heard… so obviously my questions were left unanswered.

In my teens I rebelled, no one seemed to understand me, I felt lost and alone! I started smoking and drank on weekends. I found that when I was drunk I came out of my box I had hidden in for so long!

I lost my best friend at 18, he was killed by a careless driver. Years prior when we did a ouija board it predicted it and we laughed it off!! So when this happened I tried to understand why and thought was I meant to intervene? Although I knew that was silly… how could I?

I lost myself for a while in a downward spiral, to this day I’m unsure how I got out when many others wouldn’t? I met someone and slowed down around 21, though continued on with pot.

In 2006 I was on my way to uni and 50 meters from where my friend had died a car drove up the back of my car… prior to this, I felt my friends presence… After that, I had my first awakening! It was incredible! Many, many downloads. Universal knowledge being sent down, astral travelling, visions, automatic writing, communicating with spirit!!! I couldn’t turn it off!!

In this awakening I was told many things all to massive to even fathom! I was ultra sensitive to ever detail going on around me as well as getting downloads.

I was told many things how I will help those with mental illness. I was told mental illness, addictions are all curable… that they are disconnected from spirit. They told me I will help them. I had visions of friends of mine happy and healthy. I was told many things that came true… down to the date and month of my grandmothers death… lots of confirmations that this in fact was legit.

Yep! Crazy! So far from who I was or where I was at! No wonder they threw me away, drugged me up to the eyeballs and threw away the key!

I was Nadine! A negative, depressed, anxious person who would never had the confidence to speak out like that!

Once I got out my parents watched me like a hawk! They shook their head when a message would come from spirit and I would relay!

I couldn’t handle it and went to live with the boyfriend… though he would tell me to stop that shit or you will be back in the nut house!

So what did I do! I locked that part of me away! I communicated with my angels sometimes and spirit… But when I let it in and it got a bit too real I shut it out again!

But I was where I needed to be… for what was predicted about me having a baby boy was to happen…. my son was born 9 months after this ordeal. It took me out of my destructive path and made me a mother who knew the magic of life existed.

Many things happened since then plant medicine. Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Master/Teachers. Emotion Code and Body Code Certified Practitioner!!!

There! I think I found my purpose! With Body Code!

But wait no! All these things have been but a lesson. Just a stepping stone for the real magic!

Constantly questioning things I found issues in these modalities that frustrated me… so I had to find a solution! Omg! Yes, I got one!

Source and spirit were pushing me to quit my part-time job. Once I did a whirlwind of lessons and teachings from beyond would begin!

My soul had a mission and what happened was all for a reason. Now in this moment I recall many things in life and things that have appealed to me and stick out to me… down to the songs and movies I love.

All these things that seemed meaningless before hold such importance now, such meaning!

Finally, I am not searching anymore. I have been healing for many, many years. My mission has been made clear now. 

I wasn’t crazy! And my biggest disbelievers are now my greatest supporters because I have helped them. They are attuned and are transforming their lives and they can not believe it! I feel so grateful to be able to share this magic with them and help them to shed the imbalances plaguing them for so long!

I have helped many and look forward to helping many more! Raising the consciousness on earth by sharing with people GoldenAge Ascension, sent down from my spirit team, JC, Raphael, and Source Energy!

Sounds massive I know! It is still sinking in.  This is going to set humankind free! Allowing those to heal on the deepest level using their bodies as ultimate healing tools! Unlocking abundance and newfound freedom!

Allowing people to give the subconscious mind the driver’s seat and harness the electromagnetic energy of their heart! Releasing negative energies with the Level one symbol!

I am taken back to my grandmothers house! To the picture of Jesus on the wall with his sacred heart ignited. I hear the saying the power of love will set you free… I remember the fact that our heart is what connects our physical body to the spiritual body.

I see buddy Jesus (the movie Dogma) and hear sources message that life is love, it is light, it is truth, it is laughter and humour.

We are one, we are connected and we can change the world. Our dreams will come true now! For we now know what struggle is and now is our time, to turn the tables and have abundance and happiness! As light warriors and human kind it is up to us to do what we were sent to do in this time in space!!! Free of religion, race, gender or sexual preference! Embracing our uniqueness and sharing our gifts!

Let’s do it!!!

Sources message is clear! We can change the world if we all unite and share this powerful message to activate our heart centres. There is too much imbalance, time for us to bring back balance. That’s the reason this works so well. Balancing the body as a whole. Shedding the negative energies that are dimming our light, keeping us from connecting to the creator and causing struggle pain, sickness and mental/emotional issues.

Even now when I write this, there is so much more I want to share. If you resonate with this or just feel in your heart this could be for you please reach out.

As lightworkers and human beings, this is so important for us to do! Arm ourselves! Ignite our hearts – the most powerful shield there is! Lift up humankind to this new GoldenAge! Simple enough for anyone to use!

No fear, no ego! All light, all loving, pure simplicity, taking our time back and healing deeper than ever before!


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