Binded and Blinded

Binded and Blinded | Nadine Hamilton

There are two types of people in this world! Those who follow orders, blindly following the pack and those who don’t, these people seek the truth for themselves. Are you binded and blinded?

We have reached a time in space where the truth seekers will set us free. We are sensitive enough to understand the deeper meaning to life and why we are here. We are sensitive enough to know when we are being lied to. For us the truth seekers, we feel things more deeply than any other. We read behind the lines to see the truth coded there.

We the truth seekers are sick of the darkness and lies! Sick of the BS that is fed to humanity! Sick of all the corruption, fear and control. We have had enough of those we love being lied to and made physically ill, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

We the truth seekers know there is more to life than what the powers that be would have us believe! We are awake and can see the truth as plain as day!

The darkness has had us and those we love blinded by rules, oppression and fear! The darkness makes those who follow orders feel justified and like they are the praised student. They are the good little soldier who does what they are told! Playing to their ego and making them feel they are right! Their ego is heavily imbalanced with this darkness. This darkness they have accumulated throughout their soul’s existence.

These people who do what they are told that stay with the pack are special- just like the truth seekers, they should not be made to feel shame about who they are. It is just a fact they are locked in a box and always will be as long as they follow the “rules.”

It is us the truth seekers who need to hold space for those people who are unaware of their divinity. It is up to us to hold space and work on ourselves, raising our vibration at a rapid rate. In doing this, we are raising the vibration of the earth. We are shifting our reality so shifting reality for the masses.

We need to band together and work as one to lift this world into a New Age! As we do this, the old systems of power, greed, control and fear will fall away. We need to do this for those who blindly follow authority, for their own good and the good of humanity. We need to work together to make those dark forces that control the powers that be, so their control of humanity is no longer.

We have a powerful job to do here, we are all one, and yet we are all unique! Each individually we have a mission here, and with the tools that we have been blessed with by Source and the GoldenAge Collective, the clearer our mission will become. We need to clear the imbalance that has us, humanity and earth binded and blinded.

Those that follow orders without question will be lead into the light and eventually with the truth seekers to lead the way we will transform the world and free it. There are two kinds of people in this world – those that follow orders and those who do not. Which one are you?

Truth seekers let us illuminate the imbalance and the so-called “conspiracy theories.” We know the truth. In this age, all the injustice will be illuminated, and we the truth seekers will shine a light on the underhanded business that goes down under our very nose.

We the truth seekers are written off by the followers, laughed at and judged! But hold strong light warrior you are sharing your truth and the truth of the universe, the will of the universe. The darkness has no place here. Though there always will be darkness, the scales will be balanced, and humanity will prevail! Love and light will prevail!

Source Energy is the light and the dark. Everything we are drawn to in our reality is the role we are playing for the expansion of the universe! Everything is happening exactly how it should! Do not fear and get wrapped up in the game though. Do not have any attachment to the outcome you seek. Do not let conspiracy rule you as you are losing then.

The universe has you covered, and everything that is happening is divinely guided. We must immerse from the ashes to truly bathe in our light and what is to come. Stay strong people and keep on your path! Yes, what you sense is correct, and you are going to change this world.

Source has sent the tools so you can be connected into a higher vibration of truth, light and knowledge. Get the tools, so you too are not lead astray by the dark forces that are manipulating the ascension of earth and humanity.
What is to come is magnificent when you get these tools. We will all understand the meaning of life, and we start creating a world of abundance, cooperation, connection and oneness! For those who still have faith now is the time to leap!

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