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The old world matrix system of separation maintains control over humanity because they are tied to matrix programs that siphon divine light. You consent without knowledge through cursed symbols, tainted information, old-world ways, and beliefs! There are infinite ways this is done, and no one is free! I am here to share the truth from Christ, God, Source, and Creation to illuminate you and allow you to reclaim your light! I am here to share the ascension tools and self-healing program that allowed me to be God-Sovereign-Free

I have spent many years seeing how the dark works and have healed to free myself of these systems… having moved past these, I now have the upper hand, and I share the keys to dismantling these systems. However, I am only one being, and we need an army to keep moving forward! I must teach and share how you contain your light and access your creator force!

If you have found yourself here, you have a vital role to play, and what you choose to do next is up to you! Just like the dark has programmed this physical realm to disable you, I give you access to the program to enlighten you and allow you to reclaim your light! The more active role you play, the more you will be rewarded. God sees all because you are God, and you are incarnated for this! You see, you are a seed of God, and now is the time you begin this journey to step into your truth! A big part of this mission is sharing so other seeds of god see this and step into their truth… we are all one, so the more we awaken to the truth and light up, the more of an impact we make and the more beneficial it is to you. We must expand the collective consciousness to harness our force and power! So share these connections with others! Those beautiful souls who have been struggling in this dark system! It is time the chosen receive their birthright!

Help Awaken the world & Share the Light!

As the Mother aspect of Christ, I have had to use the dark programs and override them to work for us and not against us! The Open Source Programs of New Earth means the more connections you have to me, the more light you can receive! Truth is the Light of God, and that is what we seek! We are sick of seeing the deception and feeling hopeless against it! So make it a point to connect with the outlets I have created for you to receive! The more you invest, the more you receive! Simple! 

Connect to the outlets below and be ready to be illuminated! I go live on YouTube weekly and share the Divine, Sacred, Spiritual Knowledge and Creational Mechanics so you see deeper beyond the veil! It is a simple fact what we connect to can either help us or hinder us! So do yourself a favour and trust! Take that leap of faith and show the universe you are ready! You will not be blessed by sitting back in fear and letting your beliefs contain you! When you operate this way, you block your blessings!

One thing to do after you have connected with all my outlets is to go into your socials and release yourself from all those connections you do not resonate with anymore, pages, groups and friends anchoring you to the past! This is the beginning of the new you and creating something amazing! Beings do not realise the power these old connections hold over them! Declutter, guys, and be open and ready to receive!

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