Expansion Of Information


We now get the expansion of information to illustrate how we can personally play our part and co-create a new world!

What is required is something new! Old ways served a purpose and got us to where we are now! To evolve past this though we must look to new ways.

The 5D Code has been shared with us to do this. A gift from Source and the 33- the 11 archangels, ascended masters and galactic light beings who have gathered to assist humanity in their evolution.

They are sharing new information to support us on the new earth. The key is healing.

Old ways and techniques are now flawed; this is based on frequency. In the past earth was in a completely different frequency. Modalities came through and supported us then to get us to where we are now. They taught us the basis and foundation, and they showed us how powerful our bodies were and how we could heal ourselves!

The new age is a trillion times more powerful, but what it takes is 3 things.

1. FREQUENCY: Being tuned into a frequency where lower frequencies are released as they surface. Preventing them from limiting you!

2. CODE: Tuned into the frequency you have the information CODED within your system. a NEW AGE Program

3. WISDOM: The new expansion and explanation for the 5D. Simplicity and ease! What you need to know to move forward and shift into the 5D.

Old ways are outdated, and there are many gaps in information. What this new model does is fills the gaps. It gives those the information they need to move forward in this new age.

We are in a new age, so our imbalance is surfacing so much faster to align with Gaia. This causes us to have all those symptoms- ascension and otherwise!

As we release, imbalance new imbalance will always surface! A continual shedding practice. When we do not know what is happening, we suffer! This new age is all about understanding and going within!

With the 5D Code, we get to do this- consciously with our consciousness; our intention. We are controlling our avatar in this time in space and consciously creating. Mind, Body and spirit are working together as one to ASCEND.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to gain control and understanding the deeper fabrics of reality to shift and create reach out. There are always ways to ascend further, faster and more effectively!

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