It all starts with the Heart

It all starts with the Heart | Nadine Hamilton

In the old age, the age we are leaving now our heart had no protection, so it built a wall. A heart-wall surrounded the heart; a wall created out of trapped negative emotions!

This wall prevented us from tuning in with purity to space.

This wall kept us cut off, making it hard to give or receive love!

It cut us off from Abundance!

This wall caused physical, mental and emotional turmoil!

This wall kept us from seeing the pure truth and beauty of the universe; it cut us off from our divine nature.

The seat of our soul, the source of our creativity and the centre of our being was imprisoned!

Until the day that Christ Consciousness Energy arrived! The Ascended Master and Ascension Keeper, Jesus gave us a tool for our heart to be the protector.

No more need for a wall, the heart was ignited, the scared heart was activated with a new set of commands.

The heart now with this new code had the power to harness the electromagnetic energy to clear negative energies.

The new age is all about humanity being blessed with the tools to overcome all the old ages trials and tribulations! The power to clear the negative emotions and trauma that pulled us down suppressing and controlling us, affecting free will.

The ability to be free from the Heart Wall for ever and free others hearts centres too!

The new age is the age where we get to free ourselves! Free ourselves from all the constraints which binded and blinded us. Empowering us to go within and learn, grow and evolve!

Some will think this is too good to be true because of the imbalances that control them; and the old age information! But some will take the leap of faith and dive headfirst into the field of possibilities and for that, they will be rewarded.

What has been blessed with us all, no matter what you choose is a tool for humanities ascension! This tool from the light is to counterbalance the darkness in which we see in our reality.

A tool for us all to cocreate a new brighter future for ourselves and our children.

A tool to tune in and understand exactly what our body is expressing to us through symptom.

A tool to transmute fear into the vibrational frequency of love!

You do not need to understand exactly how it works to use it. This is a gift; this is a blessing for us all to use to heal ourselves and create a new world and welcome in the GoldenAge of Abundance. It all starts with the heart!

The universe works in miraculous ways; creation energy is expressing that it all starts with the heart. Will you arm yourself with the tools to clear and align your heart space to the new world?

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