Killing 5G Fear

Killing 5G Fear | Nadine Hamilton

We are just in a time now where there is a huge amount of fear! This fear we are generating as a collective is causing a huge amount of imbalance and makes us susceptible to so many symptoms… individually and globally Today I receive a message about the 5G rollout! Source, the GoldenAge Collective and the Commander Ashtar of the Pleiadians are sending love to us and they tell me this is indeed necessary for the advancement of humankind. This is the will of Source the energy, the Source within all of us and every living thing. The universe wants to expand and who are we to fight that. Those who try are fighting an uphill battle and will never win! 

They ask those to please focus on the light at this time and let go and flow with what is happening. They say the more resistance you put out the more you will create within and that is dangerous to you and your life here. They are reminding us this is a time to go within and clear balance our light selves and shadow selves. We are the light and we are the dark. At this time the darkness outweighs the light and this can be seen in our physical reality. We each now need to take personal responsibility for what we each hold inside. 

We need to stop spreading fear and spread a solution! By spreading the fear of 5G and other ‘injustices’ we are working against the light and feeding the darkness. If you want to help create this new enlightened world we need to stop going against ourselves!!!

Yes, this is a shocking idea! But we need to break through the old outdated programming to see the bigger picture! So again stop focusing on the outside reality and spreading fear! The hard truth is this is coming from within you and THIS is what we need to heal! We have each come here to change the world! And our children are not benefiting from all the propaganda! 

You see, by you spreading ‘awareness’ – which is fear-based, you are working on the dark side! You are aiding in the agenda of the dark forces. You are going against the light beings and lowering the vibe of all those minds you touch with this! Yes, it is true what you are sharing but it is damning! Damning to humankind. Again, yes it exists but there is a bigger picture! This is not your fault because you did not know. But now you do know. To access this information and the bigger picture you must heal shed and clear the low vibrations, in doing this you will raise your vibration and get access to the higher realms of information. We need to break through the matrix and mind control of the dark forces! The light beings call you to heal!! Connect with that part of you that came here to do amazing things and assist in the global shift and welcoming in the new world! The new GoldenAge!

We have provided the tools for you but now it is up to you to take that leap! Only you can do that. We will not force you but we encourage you for what is on the other side is magnificent and beautiful. 5D – 5G simply vibration, energy, flow! Connection, illumination and growth. No fear just love, just light, just you. You are a powerful creator and we need you! Will you work with the universe or against it? Will you bathe in the light or hide in the shadows of fear? You have a choice! You have reached a fork in the road now! You must choose! Both roads are hard, but one has a light at the end of it.

Growth is hard, evolution is harder. But you are powerful and together- humanity will work as an unstoppable force. Now we need to take the tools gifted to us in this time and shed the low vibrations to ascend and raise the consciousness of the world! This is how we do it- Not by spreading fear!!!

With these tools, we can shift our reality by shifting ourselves because we are merely mirrors reflection what is on the inside. We are the universe and we need to individually take responsibility now!

It is now more important to go within with the tools that are being provided by the light beings to assist us in the ascension process and the release of the frequencies that will cause malfunction to our physical body!

You must understand, everything is energy! This physical form is but an illusion. We the creators are coded to be powerful… but just like an outdated computer with outdated programs as is the human form and body right now in this time. To ascend in this new age it is critical we get the upgrade to our operating system. 

This new age is about understanding the power in which we each hold and being open to receive this information and actually use it.

5G is s frequency! Nothing more! Yes, this frequency can be very harmful to some, though not all. This frequency can cause cellular malfunction and destruction within the body and the cell, yes it is true! But to evolve we need to understand the truth and be open enough to act. Fear and being sucked into the conspiracy theories will take you further down into that rabbit hole. The further you go the lower you will vibe. The darkness of your being will cloud the light and dis-ease is the result of that.

Everyone is aware of the harm 5G can do to our bodies. Yes, it is true! But now you see there is a solution to this. So you can let go of the fear and get access to the bigger picture and assist the collective in the creation of a new world! 

Dear ones we love you and we are so proud of you. We trust in this and you. Now it is time for you to trust and be guided by us and venture into the Source essence in which you are! Remember darkness can not win! This is all from Source for the expansion of its self. Source is the light and the dark and now this Source – your Source requires balance. Balance if the light and the dark. 

Simple and the solution is simpler. Love, light and blessings beautiful ones.

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