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Decoding Pain

Pain Points

When our organs become imbalanced they will often give us physical pain! This is one way our body will communicate with us! Organs and gland are connected up to particular muscle groups and when the organ or gland is imbalanced it will weaken the corresponding muscle group! This list is to assist you to dig deeper and understand what your body is trying to communicate to you. Keep this list handy and if you get a physical pain try reading into it and discovering if it is an imbalanced organ or gland.

Common Issues

This chart was created so you can get deeper clarity on what the body is communicating to you through your symptoms. This chart is a list of the usual symptoms and what they point to. For example if you have upper back pain you can go to that particular part on the chart and use divination or muscle testing to see if it is one of those usual suspects.

Check the Light scale of body part

This is a great method, you can use it on yourself and others. You can opt to take a closer look at a particular body part. 

You will be able to see how much imbalance is affecting a body part, organ or gland.


  1. Clear the channel
  2. Set the intention of connecting to whatever it is you want to connect to- for example say or think “connecting to liver”
  3. Use your muscle testing or pendulum to ensure you are connected
  4. Then say or think “what is the light-scale of my liver?”
  5. Start from 100 and work your way down in 10’s
  6. 100,90,80…. etc until you pin point the number.
  7. To bring up the light-scale say or think “connecting liver to symbols”
  8. Then check that it has cleared and that it is at 100.

If it did not work it means there is an issue and your subconscious needs you to do some digging – See digging deeper