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Decoding Reality

The biggest thing I can tell you is to be open-minded. Source operates through all! So even when people are negative,  ego-centred or just unbearable listen to your inner voice and read between the lines. It could be a message for your journey. I had some very negative experiences but I knew (somehow) that I needed to listen – I had that voice in my head saying  “LISTEN, YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS…” Please don’t think that you need to put up with everyone’s rubbish though… I am just trying to make you aware of how Source can communicate with you. 

Source will play out through songs, media and numbers too. Messages can literally come from anywhere… So like I said, just be open. Practice gratitude often for the message you recieve and invite in more. Synchronicities are a sign you are on the right track… the more you are in flow with Source literally the more life will flow in your favour and the more synchronicities you will see! 

So keep it up!!! Peel away the layers and discover more and more of yourself each day and uncover that infinite divine being in which you are! Trust in yourself and trust in the process! This is only just the beginning of our Journey so buckle up! So grateful to be on this crazy amazing journey with you!