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As a channel, I share this message from Our Source and the DIVINE MASTER MINDS.

Now we the seekers of truth, light and illumination get to access the information for our individual and collective enlightenment. It all starts with having the tools to align, ground and protect our field from the low frequencies that throw us out of balance.

Earth has entered into the 5D and we individually need to ALIGN & INTEGRATE with it.

Old World Modalities alone will not evolve us, nor create a New GoldenEarth! We need to understand it is up to us now, we have been key all along.

Evolution is moving forward and venturing outside the box – and escaping the MATRIX. The Ascension Code allows us to raise our frequency to align with the 5D and higher dimensions. It gives us the ability, to see past the limitations and illusions of the old world.

When one uses old age means alone, one will feel symptom. They will suffer ascension symptoms, pain, they will soak up the collective negative energies and they will be stuck in a low frequency. Ego and negative emotions reside here.

It takes a leap of faith and trust in the universe to access this frequency, purity of the heart. This is what unlocks christ consciousness energy and gives one access to the GoldenAge frequency to begin their Ascension Journey. Trust in self and higher consciousness is what has brought you here.

This is only possible because it is a blessing from Source, Creator, Universe! Through Christ Consciousness Energy and with the assistance of the DMM. This is how we evolve individually, Collectively and Universally.