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Ascension Record

Everyones journey here is different and each Ascension record will be different. I have started things off for you.

Take notice to the way it is written, the more direct, you are with your intention the deeper your results will be.

It is you who directs the flow of energy and intention to affect change within your body.

Your body will communicate to you through symptoms and it is up to you to listen and record these on your list. This can be tough to get used to but once you understand it is simple. If you have any issues connect in our Facebook Group for assistance.

Your Ascension Record

Now it is time for you to work on your customised list. This is your personal Ascension record and log. As you Decode the messages in your body and reality you record them here. 

As things surface record them. 

This part of the journey is up to you and how deep you heal and how fast you ascend relies solely on you. 

Listen to your body and pay attention to people, their attitudes and behaviours. You are a mirror so things outside of you hold a message for you and what you need to shed. 

Some of you may already have a list or a journal, keep all these together and activate with the code. You do not need to start from scratch though rewording and reformatting past issues can be very useful.  


Try to set out new issues in the new way for the best results. 

Short note form at the beginning and end ( > )

Between words ( > ) 

Words that hold no weight you can leave out.

Remember it is all about power in words, short, direct and concise