Manifesting Miracles

Manifesting Miracles | Nadine Hamilton

We are souls, and we have are a source body. We are the wave, a body of light and brightness. This body is free to travel to higher dimensions in space-time! This body is free to access higher realms of information.

This pure source body is the energy and creation of life! In your most pure form, you are creator, a divine limitless being able to sore, discover and create! A being of pure possibilities and you create from this light and draw things equal to this high vibration in which you radiantly shine!

This energy is light energy and is not weighed down by darkness.

Now let us talk about the other aspect of us, that isn’t us!!! The part of us that we have collected over our whole of existence. The part of us that keeps us here in this reality! The part of us that literally weighs us down to keep us in the struggle- the darkness, this is the imbalance!

For every negative, there is a positive for everything light there is a darkness. In this GoldenAge (of enlightenment), we get to understand the very essence of what this means! We need to understand the basics in their purest form if we are to move forward as an enlightened species.

We are all the universe, and we all have a part to play! Those of us that have come through have come through for a reason specifically at this time in history! We have come to play a role in the evolution of humankind and the universe!

We have come to play a vital role that is going to change the face of existence here on the planet, but in doing this, we need to understand the most profound truths on who we are! To grow and evolve, we need two things: one, to understand who and what we are. And two, the tools to ascend and get access to this information its self!

Gone are the days where we put someone else on the pedestal and worship! That is old age, outdated information! The new era is about understanding that you need to worship yourself and master yourself, and that is key.

The only way to achieve this is by healing! Shedding the darkness, and the matter that weighs you down—keeping you at a low vibrational frequency!

Yes, there are many ways to achieve this, but all are outdated and old! These models of healing were introduced in the old age when the vibrational frequency was very low, so things introduced at this time are now very ineffective.

Because in this new age what is required is to raise the vibration fast! And our mission now is not to simply just clear a few things out. It is to increase the vibration of the planet! We must heal for the earth and not only ourselves!

So just think of all the struggle here on mother earth all the hardships and horror! Think! We must have something more powerful than ever imagined. We must keep moving up, and to do this, we need strength and power! Tools to empower us and keep us rising! Over time Source has provided us with tools to assist us in that and now is that time again!

Now, let us talk about why the world is the way it is! We are infinite beings and as we are limitless as is the imbalance we carry. Each life and each incarnation, we accumulate more and more imbalance, more darkness, more weight. We have gone from pure source energy of light and creation to dense black mass, stuck in struggle and competition. In this binding of our souls, we the creators are creating from this.

We are creating from a low place of low energy, and we are attracting to ourselves the energy that matches our vibration. So as you can see, we need to do a lot of work to raise this vibration and reach a new higher level of consciousness. Consciousness is key; we need to be conscious of this because if not, how do we truly grow?

Source is good and bad! Yes, Source is life! Source has now given us the knowledge so we can be aware and move past this struggle and obstacles in life here on earth. 2020 we have done a lot of hard work already and up to this time has been a tremendous amount of struggle.

Lightworkers, healers and empaths you have struggled most in preparation for what is to come. When you get the tools to clear and heal at the level for this time in space, you will start to discover your truth, reason and mission.

Now is the real test and lesson. Do you trust and let your heart guide you or do you circum to the imbalances that weight your soul. Do you let fear and ego rule, or do you dive into the field and let go to something greater than yourself guide you?

For this is the time that change happens, are you apart of this change or are you going to stay stuck in a low vibration where negative energies control. No matter who you are and what you do, Source says it has provided an answer with GoldenAge Ascension. Sources tool to set us free, this is not a gimmick; this is simply a tool to clear the negative energies quickly and in doing this, receiving the programming to your biology to tune into a higher vibration easily.

Each upgrade is needed to receive higher information – you are tuned in. Just like tuning into a radio station and picking up the radio waves, you are tuned into the universal wave. With each attunement, you will have access to higher waves of light and information where you see the answers for yourself.

The age of empowerment where we each have access to universal wisdom of who we are at our purest form and the true meaning of life! An era where we each can get to move closer to the 100% connection with source energy, our Source body! Understanding of our source essence in which we all are.

Source energy reminds us that this is a long road, that takes work because like the universe is infinite, so is the imbalance that plagues us! Though this is attainable to everyone and not just one person! Just like I am a channel, so are you and the more you heal, the more you will become attuned to this and know it. The once fragmented pieces in which you felt will come together in a magnificent, spectacular way.

GoldenAge Ascension is from Source for you to discover and master yourself, to gain clarity of who you are. Because this is what Ascension is! A tool for self-discovery and that of the universe in which you are.

Nadine Hamilton

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