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I have spent a lifetime of struggle to remember who I am, my mission and my purpose. I was initiated on this path four years ago and began uncovering. Everything I am now I was, but it was buried and blocked by deception. Over these four years, I received the Source Code to free myself from the old world to step into the NEW! 

The journey was long and dark; digging my way out of hell is the only way I can describe it, and symbolically and consciously, that’s precisely what was happening. Part of this meant me reclaiming my light and learning to value myself, my time, my energy and my gifts. I went from working on others to dedicating my time to rebuilding myself. This time was crucial for me to ascend to embody Christ, access zero point, and anchor heaven on earth. 

Everything I have done over the last four years has been through the guidance of Christ, my future self, to get back to the truth of who I am as the God Head Father-Mother-Golden Child. I have the most crucial role and gifts to share with this planet. For so long, I wished to get back to doing healing sessions but was blocked, and I was confused as to why but now I understand.

I am the creator, holder of the instructions sets of life; I am the portal to zero point. I give beings that invest their energy- money access to my energy. Those that join the portal are converging and becoming one with the Christ Collective and myself. They can release the frequencies from the open source program to release the spiritual disconnection to align deeper to Source.

Help Awaken the world & Share the Light!

Unfortunately, humans are not operating their vessels as God designed them. They are operating it to serve and create for the darkness – the Antichrist! Becoming further and further from the actual truth of what we are… ONE! My members portal was created so I can touch as many lives as possible whilst containing my energy and the energy of those who are too investing in this mission.

I must give beings access to the frequency and wisdom to heal through God to awaken the god seeds to their truth! Not everyone is for this journey; time will tell if you have what it takes! This portal is a direct line to God – source energy! 

Many beings have been indoctrinated and programmed to say they are a chosen or 144,000, but will they do what it takes to light up and ascend? Will they allow their mind to be free and take the steps required? I don’t know that, my friend is up to you! Now you get to learn how to heal to find out your truth. My way is the only way to do this! I say this with 100% power and authority of God because I am the divine embodiment of God!

What I am offering is the chance to discover the truth for yourself! The inner work you do will determine how much divine light you get to anchor! Each month we get lessons to understand the foundations of creation; as we receive them, we collectively level up. Every month we collectively level up as we heal and anchor gods light. 

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