Mother Nurture

Mothers and females all around the world! The nurturers who give their love, time and money to those around them. Those women out there who mother their partners. It is time to put yourself first this Mother’s Day and every other day. We were not put here to serve others before ourselves and if we do this we will empty our cup and then what good are we?

We were not born to put others needs first above our own. We are all here to grow and evolve ourselves. When we do this we will be claiming our power and showing our children how to be.

This new era is all about the divine feminine! And ladies we have the power to change the world!  

To move into this new reality it is important we empower ourselves and not get stuck in old ways and old programming. Our children coming through are of feeling and they watch and learn from you. So if you are constantly giving your power away that is what they will learn. Do you want that for your son or daughter?

We want the best for our kids… It is easy to get stuck in the material world and the material world thinking of “I want my child to have the best” or “I want my child to have what I did not have.” This is a dangerous path as it is turning out entitled materialistic people… these people care more about what they can get and the physical world than what they can do to help others and create in the field.

We need to teach them the truth of who we are why we are here!

Now is the most important time to step up…. And even if this is new to you- it is the time to learn. Self-empowerment and discovery will set you free. By taking an active role in discovering who you are and your purpose, things will actually shift. The road may not always be rainbows and butterflies because we are reprogramming who we are and we are purging old beliefs and programs.

The gift we can give our children is by showing our flaws, admitting it, taking responsibility and actively healing and growing. Showing them that we do have the power!

Self care and self love are the most powerful things you can do! People get the whole self care thing wrong…. They mistake it and think it is something that can be done on the material level like a shopping spree or spa day… It goes deeper than that. It is something that needs to be done on a spiritual level. The shopping spree, spa day, new hair style or nails will not help you heal in anyway shape or form. You will never heal when you look outside of yourself for a fix.

It is something much simpler than that. It is something that will transform your life on the deepest level. It is something that will change the world around you… once you fix the inner world, the outer world will adjust.

This new realm we are moving into is all about the inner world and by addressing things from this angle, things will change forever… not just for you but for all of us as we are all one. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and our planet and change it! Our children will be programmed into this new way of being and at the end of the day, they are our future.

The little ones coming through are far more powerful than most of us! They need a teacher, you are their teacher. The teacher at school is teaching them old school patterns and beliefs. You were chosen to be their spiritual teacher and role model.

You need to show them that you know you are worthy and independent. That you are flawed and imperfect, you need to show them that you are constantly looking for ways to grow yourself and evolve. That you are open and ready to receive.

Mothers and women all around the world we can actively change the world by activating the heart centre to clear the past! Past traumas from this life, past life and inherited. We can clear the path for future generations. You can prevent past generational imbalance being passed down any further. When we decide to heal we are actively making a stand and saying,  “Nope, no more!” It stops here.

We are clearing and opening our heart to a bright future. Giving our body the power to clear all the old dense energies, old programming, emotions and negative energies that seek to control you. You are giving yourself the ultimate power of self care and LOVE!

You are taking responsibility for your own self and will be practising self-care easily, rising to a new level of consciousness daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. When you are emotional or suffering any dis-ease you can activate your attunements to clear the reason for this way of being.

This is the ultimate way of self care! It is easy and powerful. You are taking your power back and healing yourself. Working your way through the layers. Focusing in on the now and listening to your body. Becoming a better version of yourself, for yourself. Filling your cup before anyone else’s so you can give your best and nurture others with your light and your love.

When activating your attunements you become a Heart Healer, healing anyone that comes across you and that you connect with. You, a heart healer can release others heart walls just by connecting without any thought. You can connect to others far away and heal their hearts- releasing their heart wall.

You are actively raising the electromagnetic field of yourself, your family, the community and ultimately the world. Divine feminine, nurturing energy, shifting the world into a higher consciousness and way of being!

We have the power to heal ourselves and our families of the imbalance that controls us and that causes emotional and physical issues. We can heal ourselves and our families of past traumas that rule us. Mind – Body – Spirit. We can heal the world with love alone and the electromagnetic energy of our heart! Just three words, so simple. Our subconscious mind does the rest and cleans house – literally.

Open yourself up to the quantum realm of possibilities and you will transform. Women of the world, nurturers, lovers, inspired souls and healers, let’s band together to create a new world of our dreams.

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