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5D CODE | GoldenAge Ascension

Nadine’s mission is sharing the 5D Code so students can clear the energetic overload themselves to heal and tune into their truth, mission and purpose!

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Course - Level One Code

Healing the physiacal body. The code received in this attunement gives your subconscious mind the code it needs to be able to align, ground, protect energy and raise the bodies vibrational frequency. Students begin the journey within and get to understand the language of the body and what it is communicating through symptom. 

Course - Level TWO Code

Healing the blocks within our energy body to create flow within the chakras, meridians and nervous system. Creating deeper coherence and alignment with our heart and mind. Level Two students are taught the attunement process and can attune others to the 5D Codde. Level One must be completed before moving onto Level Two. 

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