Our Dark Teachers!

Our Dark Teachers | Nadine Hamilton

We are in crazy time at the moment! Humanity is being triggered, and this is for our growth and evolution! The way forward is simple and must be understood from an open mind. We must understand our dark teachers to evolve.

There are some things that you need to know and live by for your sanity, knowledge and reason. What is being said may trigger, but keep reading for the bigger picture, and insight into the challenges we are facing right now.

Humanity has been living in the old age, the dark age, under a rock! Our vibration frequency suppressed and lowered. Heavy and dense, just like the rock we have been living under! For many years we have been controlled, lied to, and we have been under the assumption we were free.

Low vibrational frequencies, energies and emotions are what suppresses us and attract low energies to us. We need to transcend these. Mind your thoughts, actions and words. What vibrational frequency are you broadcasting? For what you broadcast into your reality will mirror back at you.

Fear is a frequency that controls us right now and at the very core is the reason people are scared and lash out, judging and ridiculing others! These people who attack need our understanding for they are still asleep and the negativity controls them.

What keeps those people asleep and hiding under the blankets is fear! Fear has been provoked to control. Fear is the controlling factor.

Fear is just a frequency! It is a low vibrational frequency! It can not hurt us, but it can cripple us and prevent our growth. This low frequency is a frequency that controls, causes division and generates more low frequencies. This frequency can be transmuted into love with the new age tools and ways!

Those who lash out are in pain, even if they do not know it. But pain is our most valuable teacher! Knowing this is the golden ticket and transmuting these energies is key to humanities ascension and integration to the 5D

The light and the dark are nothing more than our teachers. Teachers for our individual and collective evolution!

The dark beings are dark to teach us, just as the light beings are.

The dark beings on earth right now are here to help us evolve! They are all but fractals of Source Energy, God, Creator, the Universe! Here to play a role, just like a character in a movie! You are playing a role yourself! What character are you?

This moment in history has been created by creation itself! It has been designed for the members here on this planet to evolve spiritually.

Trust in the process and that of the creator energy, the life force energy in which you are. Reconnect and learn from the darkness in the outer world and your inner darkness.

We are a planet based on polarity, so is the human body. We are light, and we are dark! The secret, the way and mission of all humanity is to balance these parts of our being—balance to heal and ascend. Ascend and access the truth within!

This old age is ending, and we are seeing the old age imbalances surfacing to be purged. The new era of illumination, truth and abundance is being birthed; those of us actively healing are co-creating this. As we heal and raise our vibration, we are raising the vibration of the planet. We are holding space for those who are still not yet awakened, nurturing those who are filled with darkness, trauma, pain and fear.

This is an exciting time where the real truth is being exposed in every way! Light is being cast into the darkness.

The darkness that we have been exposed to is not to be feared, we must not worry, for these emotions are that of the old age! This is how we were once controlled. The new-age way is to learn from the darkness and to relate it to our inner world. We are decoding the information to heal and shift the vibrational frequency of the planet.

We have all incarnated here for a mass awakening and an illumination of the GoldenAge! A new age based on love, joy and abundance! This age is opposite to the reality we were birthed in! This new reality is so amazing; it is hard even to believe!

What we need to do is awaken and support others in their awakening. We need to show support, understanding and non-judgement.

For so long, we have been under a spell! What we thought we knew for a fact is being challenged to its limits! These things are now being exposed as a fraud! Polar opposites of what we once thought was the truth! The important thing is, no matter what you see in your reality, do not let it consume you and cause stress within; when this happens, you are lowering your vibrational frequency.

The truth that is being exposed is hard to believe; it sounds crazy! It is scary for most of humanity who are ruled by their beliefs! Be wary of this for these beliefs and subconscious programs are keeping you under that spell. The spell of darkness, suppression and depression! These parts of you are keeping you ignorant and are stunting your growth. Ignorance is not pretty, especially when the truth is so accessible.

Now is the time to heal and release our negative emotions and negative programs to become open to knowing the truth of who we are and why we are here!

You are an amazing being of light; you are a powerful soul who is miraculous by natures design!

Be open! Let your heart be your guide and not your mind because unfortunately, your mind can not be trusted right now! It has been poisoned and fooled. Through the media, religion, politics and drugs you have been infected.

Please, for your sake, do not dismiss things and bury your head in the sand. The new age is an age where we the people get to take power back and co-create a world beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Those who are ignorant are giving their power away!

You are more powerful than the mind control programs that have been programmed into your subconscious. You are more powerful than the negative emotions and the trauma that you navigate by!

What keeps most asleep or hiding under the blankets is fear! Fear of the unknown. Fear has been generated by the dark ones to keep you scared! Fear has been provoked to control you. Fear is the controlling factor. Fear is just an illusion, an illusion that enables control!

There needs to be no fear because as the fear is of the dark, the dark is nothing more than our teacher for our individual and collective evolution!

The dark beings are dark to teach us, the dark beings on earth right now are here to help us evolve! They are all but fractals of Source Energy, God, Creator, the Universe!

This moment in history has been created by creation its self! So the members here on this planet can spiritually evolve! We have struggled enough, and now we have the insight, tools and guidance for what we must do next.

Trust in the process and that of the creator energy, the life force energy in which you are. Reconnect and learn from the darkness in the outer world and your inner darkness. Start to learn from it then release it, transmute it into love. As we do this, the more light we will become and the higher we will ascend.

What will you do? Keep living by the programs that have brought you to this point where emotional, physical and mental dis-ease thrives, where you are cut off from the abundance and light of the Universe, where you refuse to see the truth, even when it is slapping you in the face. Are you staying asleep while the world awakens?

Or will you? Open yourself up to the Universe and the possibility of something new. Will you arm yourself with new-age tools, new age ways to navigate and create change, change internally and change in the outer world!

Take a leap, and trust in the power of yourself, in the power of creation, in the power of humanity! Trust in something magical, take a risk and let go. The Universe will catch you!

In this mass awakening, that is happening now you get to partake! You get to watch the magic on earth unfold, and you get to raise your vibration and co-create something crazy amazing!

GoldenAge Ascension is the new age tool to give humanity the power back. They are giving humanity access to the divine plan through Source Energy and the 11:11:11 GoldenAge Collective. The 11 Archangels, 11 Ascended Masters and the 11 Galactic Light Beings have joined to assist humanity into the new age. These beings are there to guide those who are brave enough to lead by the heart!

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