New Emotional Energies Chart


New Emotional Energies Chart, 60 New Channeled Imbalances.

Release the same way as Emotion Code! Clear yourself and clients!



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Channeled list of emotional energies stored in our energy body that are holding humanity back. These are trapped emotions, emotional resonance, psychic traumas and imprints but specifically of the energy body. Anyone can clear these as they usually would with Emotion Code. These are energy body emotions and are 100% necessary to release to ascend and raise one’s vibration.

We are in a new age and new information has been sent through from Source Energy, the Archangels and Ascended Masters so we can Ascend. Nadine has channeled through this list and they have been programmed into the soul solution attunement to be released by bulk, the tools that are shared are 100% necessary for aligning and integration into the new age.

If you haven’t had the attunements it is something you really need to think about. It is life-changing. Find out more here