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Healing session completed remotely via distance, there is nothing you need to do on your part. Once the session is complete a full report emailed to you with what energetic overload was found and released.


When you checkout leave a detailed note of what you want worked on in the notes section. Or send a follow-up email here after checking out. Sessions are completed within 24-72 business hours.


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These sessions are unique and powerful, like no other sessions in the world. I use the 5D Code and frequency to discover and release imbalance. This means I release bulk offensive energies, emotional energies, toxicities and dark force energies; when these are released I have more accuracy and accessibility to the deeper truth within your body.

These sessions are way better valued than other sessions around now simply because we release way more of the energetic overload that causes issues- this is 100% safe to do with the GoldenAge frequency and is actually necessary for this new age. Healing this way raises your vibration faster than anything available in this time in space, we release the deeper layers that the offensive and dark force energies usually prevent with the older modalities and techniques.

I am a Reiki Master and Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner so these tools are accessed if your subconscious guides me that way. Advanced Healing techniques are used also to get as deep as possible into the issue to give you clarity of what is causing problems.


What I offer is healing, mentoring and teaching others how to do exactly what I do to heal themselves and their clients. This is the new way for the new age to empower us and give us deeper access to the truth of our bodies and existence. If you are interested in knowing more and enhancing your own self-healing or healing practice contact me