Mental Energies


Important Note: This is only for those who have had the GoldenAge Ascension | Level One

Level One Add on programming. This allows you to clear more imbalances when you use your GoldenAge Ascension Attunement’s.

Find out more below in description!




Level One GoldenAge Ascension extra programming. This will allow you to clear more at once. Clear ‘no will to live’ and ‘will to die’  when you use your Attunement.  These imbalances will be added to the list of things to scan for and release.

These energies can be your own, from this life, past life or inherited. They can be absorbed as well! These energies block the flow of energy in the body and cause imbalance. These are low vibrating energies that vibrate that particular energy! So clearing them is important!


Will to Die 

These energies are similar to trapped emotions but are specifically about wanting life to be over! If you have that feeling even for a split second that you want to die that energy can stay in your body.

That feeling where you just want it to end. It can happen in those certain experience where out feel extreme embarrassment or humiliation!

That thought of “I wish I was dead!”


No will to Live

These energies are similar to Will to die but slightly different. These energies are specifically about wanting to give up on life! These energies can develop after depression or overwhelm…

That thought or feeling of “I just can’t go on anymore like this!” or “I can’t do it anymore.”