Trauma Energies


Important Note: This is only for those who have had the GoldenAge Ascension | Level One

Level One extra programming. This allows you to clear more imbalances when you use your GoldenAge Ascension Attunement’s.

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Clear more at once when you use your GoldenAge Ascension Attunements. Clear ‘physical trauma,’  ‘emotional trauma.’ These imbalances will be added to the list of things to scan for and release.

This energy can be from this life, past life, inherited and absorbed. These energies disrupt the flow of energy in the body and cause imbalance! This is similar in shape and form as a trapped emotion. Negative energies are important to release as they can cause physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues… self-sabotage and blocks to certain areas of our life.

Physical Trauma

When something happens physically that causes trauma! Like receiving a blow physically. This may happen in a car accident or even something as simple as a slip. The energy of this can stick around inside the body causing the body to still experience some level of pain from past physical trauma.

Emotional Trauma 

When something happens emotionally that causes trauma! This could be the news of a loved one that has passed suddenly or something that you take a hit with emotionally.