Recalibrating and Realignment

Recalibrating and Realignment | Nadine Hamilton

After a significant shift, it is very common to need to recalibrate to realign! On the healing journey, we work hard, and if you are not, you are not doing it as effectively, because it takes a lot of work. This becomes much easier when you understand the language of your body and release what it is bringing to you.

For myself, I am continually healing. I wanted to manifest a new house, so there was space for myself, my children and my dad that is living with us! I did the healing, and I magnetized the perfect house to myself and moved. We have been here two weeks and although I am now settled and have everything unpacked, and as I like it, I feel like I am falling apart mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Source and the Collective have explained what is happening, I have made a significant shift, and in settling in on the physical plane I have neglected the energetic side, I have neglected my healing, and many things have surfaced. I have been preoccupied getting set up in the new house. I have neglected the inner world and the vessel for my source body.

I have ignored the symptoms and my subconscious mind. My body has been guiding me, showing me where my attention needs to be focused, but I am not listening. So day by day, I am getting more and more uncomfortable until I do the inner work!

Each day over the last couple of weeks, I have put my healing low on the list of priorities. Yes, I have been healing, but new things have surfaced for release in this new chapter. The usual list and way of healing will not suffice now. I need to look into new symptoms and a new list of things that are causing blocks and imbalance.

I have levelled up so now the next lesson is waiting to be revealed! It’s time to recalibrate to my new surroundings and the latest lessons from the universe! Tune into my body to find the parts that are not aligned and work on those. My body is signalling me exactly and instructing me what I need to do and work on by my symptoms.

As healers, lightworkers, empaths, starseeds and seekers we need to pay close attention. When we feel scattered, shattered, and out of alignment, we need to dive within and make some changes – ignoring our bodies cues is 100%, not the answer! If we do, we will experience a snowball effect within and in our third dimension!

I woke this morning with the words recalibrate and realign running over and over in my head – Source was telling me “you know what to do”. I intuitively knew I needed to discover what imbalances were blocking me, what channels required to be cleared – to realign. I want to feel solid again and in flow. The longer I ignore my healing, the longer I will sit here cut off and struggling.

But of course, I am here for a reason, and I am here as a channel for Source and the GoldenAge Collective, I am here to relay a message and teach others to understand what is happening to them. For all lightworkers out there, I know you know what I am saying; or maybe this view is entirely new to you. Either way, you are reading this for a reason. There is an answer and a solution, a way for you too to do this.

By merely reading this Source is shining awareness on the problem and sharing with you a solution. A solution to recalibrate, discover and settle into your mission here. Each shift is gaining more profound clarity on who you are and why you are here—clearing the way for humanities ascension into a new world and a new era! An era where we are taught the truth on who we are and why we are here and how together we can make a difference.

Something you can do on this physical plane to raise your vibration and address symptoms you are experiencing energetically. When we work on the energetic level, anything is possible, when you tap into your divine nature that is where the miraculous things happen!

You are manifesting and magnetizing magic into your life by clearing the low negative vibrations on a large scale, levelling up faster than ever before just by tuning in. Taking the leap of faith, diving headfirst into the field and learning straight from Source’s channel and tuning into yours. Wisdom from the 11:11 GoldenAge Collective! 11 Ascended Masters who have done this, now teaching us to do so. The 11 Archangels who are dedicated to the ascension of humanity. All by the will of the universe in efforts to expand.

This new age is all about humanities ascension! To ascend to higher dimensions and levels of consciousness, we need the tools to do so. There are so many healing ways out there; it can be confusing as to what to choose.

For ascension into the Golden Age, it is essential to incorporate the new tool’s Source has given for this era. A way to clear many things at once without the massive cost of time! The new age is all about empowerment and simplicity – this is so everyone equally has the opportunity to do this and raise mother earth’s vibration—a real team effort!

For us seasoned healers we know the ebbs and flows of a lightworker, we seem to experience them often, and we understand it – we may not love it, but we know what is happening, and we push on for the shift on the other side, for the transformation!

For some, you are not sure what you are, you are not energetically protected, and you feel drained. You feel like you are lost wandering through time and space, not sure what you should be doing or how you should be doing it? Now is the time for the illumination and the awakening in which you seek. Sources golden hand is reaching out to you- for you, to show you the way.

When we are actively healing and working on raising our vibration, we come against resistance and symptoms will show us we are out of alignment. Our symptoms are the number one key in understanding where we are spiritually and vibrationally.

Learn how to recalibrate and realign to click onto your path! The secret is tuning in and getting the subconscious mind program to do this. You now have the power to access this information.

Anyone has the power to do this if you have the drive. Get the programming and join our wild ride into the veil of all creation! There is healing, and there is healing for earth’s ascension! To heal the earth and assist in humanities ascension, we need the upgrade to our internal system to be able to do this! Balancing on the deepest level, shedding low negative energies – there is no other way!

Will you join the new age revolution of empowerment for our ascension? Step one is the Level One GoldenAge Ascension, Tuning your Heart into a higher vibrational frequency to heal within.

Source gave me the urge, need and want to write this post, to share with you all. Please help us and other fellow lightworkers, healers, empaths, starseeds and seekers by sharing this message!

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