The Era of Empowerment

The Era of Empowerment | Nadine Hamilton

Where you are in your life right now is where you are meant to be. There is no right; there is no wrong! We are all Source Energy! We are all energy, we are the universe, and the universe expresses itself in the way unique to you and what you hold inside! Right now the universe has a message for you! This is the era of empowerment!

Are you unhappy with your life? Are you struggling? Whatever life is bringing you right now, you do hold power to change! Do not judge yourself; you are beautiful amazing! Your body is a miraculous thing, and so are you.

Do not judge yourself and compare yourself to others; do not look out at your reality to monitor where you think you should be and feel bad about who you are and what you do not have. All of us here in the universe are the same universal spark of creation, love and light. Now we can uncover that and experience something amazing!

A new age! We get to understand the deeper knowledge of ourselves and our existence. You are not a waste of space; you are not destined for misery and suffering; there are answers and a reason you feel like this. In this age, we get to understand why we are thinking, feeling and living this way.

The secret is, the reason we feel this way is because we are a universal being; we are pure energy, our soul/source body has lived through a lot! Just take a look through history all the pain and suffering. We are interdimensional beings meaning there are so many other realities and things we do not know — yet.

We are collectors, and as we travel through space and time, we collect and attract things into our spirit. We collect imbalance, this imbalance weighs down our soul and blocks us from our source, our eternal light in which we are. There is no limit to the amount of imbalance we hold and healing it is an incredibly long process once we are aware of things though we have the power to change it.

You are strong, you have travelled long and experienced so much in your soul’s existence, now is the time where we have reached a higher dimension where this fact is illuminated to us, we are made aware, so we can change this fact. This imbalance, these incredibly low vibrations that pull us down can be purged now. We can assist our body to clear this in an incredibly efficient way.

The vibrational frequency has increased here on earth, your see 5D thrown around so often and for a person who doesn’t understand this lingo it can seem like a buzz word, and it doesn’t resonate much. The truth is, a lot of people are being weighed down in the lower dimensions – because of their imbalance. They are unable to vibrate higher and resonate with this as they are not there yet. They are not up to that lesson in the universal lesson plan.

Peoples imbalance are holding them back from being truly free and ascending to these higher realms of truth light and information. They are stuck at a lower level without tools to raise their vibration. There are healers out there, lightworkers and empaths who are fixated on an old way of healing and not open to anything else, so they suffer. They may hear GoldenAge Ascension and think it sounds too good to be true or they do not resonate with it as their imbalance wants to control them and is blocking the magic from them, though this will change over time as more wake up.

There are so many forms of imbalance! Trapped emotions, curses, cords, entities, toxicities, negative beliefs and 900+ more. They control us and keep us sheltered from the truth! Some of these may sound shocking to the average person, but they are not. These imbalances are our teachers; they are not to be feared. They hold us back from the truth for a reason; we must understand why we are here. We are here to grow, learn, evolve, expand ourselves and the universe. Everything contained here positive and negative is of Source Energy/Universe. Light and dark, polarity! It is all about purging, balancing, transmuting and learning about the light and dark aspects of what we are.

We are the light and the dark, right now at the moment we are weighed down by the darkness, it is our mission now to balance these aspects of ourselves to do our part. We must purge these energies from our spirit to raise the vibration of our selves, and causing a ripple effect! We are one with the universe, so we must play our part. When we change the inner world of ourself, we change the outer reality and that of the planet.

You are a powerful being, you are beautiful, and you have the power to pull yourself out of your struggle and pain. You can shape your reality, purge the low energies to raise your vibration and attract higher vibe things into your life. We can manifest a life and a world of our dreams. Now it is time to stand up, give your heart the tools to do this, give your biology a powerful upgrade to reconnect to your Source and tune into love, light and the eternal being in which you are!

There is no judgement, only love; you are perfect! Stop comparing yourself to others, take the reigns and go within! That is the only way. Do not get left behind in a low vibrational reality! That is just not fun, come on a self-discovery journey to the light with us!

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