The Next Step Toward Our Evolution

The next step to our evolution | Nadine Hamilton

We need to release imbalance! This is the next step toward our evolution! This is how we together create a new age and shift into a new era.

We need to understand the laws of the universe to see what is happening. The darkness, aka imbalance, is in control now. The darkness does not care for free will, and it controls us all. This darkness is not to be feared, the darkness is a part of Source, and it teaches us. It will be our most prominent teacher, and you will understand that fearing or ignoring this side of yourself will be your biggest downfall.

We need to thank our imbalance. It is there to guide us on our path and help us discover and master our selves to uncover the divine within. To find out what the darkness is illuminating to us- we need to upgrade our biology. Partaking in one of the most amazing journeys in this time in space!

When we are releasing imbalance, we are tuning into our Source, the life force within. The energy of creation and this is how we transform and heal! We are unifying with the field, so unifying with life.

When we are releasing, we are clearing the low negative energies, thus raising our vibration. The imbalance is humanities downfall and is what keeps us struggling and seeing the craziness in our outer world!

When we release, we are changing the conditions within our bodies to create a new reality in the world around. For what is in the inside is mirrored out into the universe- our 3D.

Learning this the old way can be very time consuming because this new age is all about simplicity, now it is easier and faster. Old ways will not come close to reversing the damage done; it does not support this new model!

We struggle and suffer to Learn, Grow and Evolve. We have been pushed to the brink, so we can understand the fact that old ways will not save us! Our struggle is teaching us what imbalance actually is, and now we have a remedy. The remedy is attaining tools to clear the imbalance, thus finding balance and balancing our body beginning at the heart!

We have the power to change and heal! By going within, that is how we work in the new age. We each are powerful infinite beings; it is time to stop looking at someone else to fix us and do it our self! We got this!

New tools, wisdom, unique insight into old ways. The deeper truth of how the universe works and how we can create something miraculous is being gifted to those who choose to leap.

Those out there that have studied other healing modalities for years- you are greatly advantaged. You can merge your tools with the new ones to create something new and heal deeper than you have ever healed before!

This is just the beginning, and the great unfolding is happening. The more who join, the faster we can change the world and mirror our work on the outside. This is all about unity and numbers, the more who partake, the stronger we are!

We need to find peace within before we see it out in our 3D.

I am so looking forward to connecting, attuning, sharing and teaching my future students. Join us to discover what imbalance is. Find out how easy it is to be released when you are tuned in. Tuned in to a higher frequency of healing with a GoldenAge Ascension.

The Next Step Toward Our Evolution

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