The Quantum Leap!

The Quantum Leap | Nadine Hamilton

GoldenAge Ascension is the beginning of an exciting time in history! The beginning of a new age! A chance for us to rewrite our story and become something bigger! The opportunity to activate our light selves and ascend. It is all up to us to take the Quantum Leap!

We have been blessed with a gift from Source Energy so we can co-create a new world. A world of our dreams. The tools for humanity to unlock the heart centre to raise our vibration. The only way humans are going to be able to do this is with having a tool that allows them to clear a vast amount of negative energies, traumas, emotions and programs! To get the biological upgrade where the sacred heart has the power to protect! new age is all about having new ways to create a new world. Old ways and old age things will not be effective in doing this. Only the new age ascension tools can raise our vibration in a meaningful way, to align with the vibration frequency earth is heading into now. It is time for those brave light warriors to step forward and assist in this global shift! By going within and clearing the low vibrational frequencies within themselves to raise the vibration of the planet!

We are each faced with a choice, evolve or exist? Take the leap to illumination and understand why you are here, your mission and purpose.

GoldenAge Ascension is only available through Attunement, each level you are tuned into a particular vibrational frequency because of the programming it contains. Without programming, people are limited by a lower vibrational frequency; controlled by their own negative programs! It is critical now release much more than once before. Not only are we capable it is a necessity for the age and vibration we are in!

The only way to ascend is to master yourself and to master yourself with the tool for Ascension guided by Source and the GoldenAge 33. The GoldenAge 33 are 11 Archangels, 11 Ascended Masters and 11 Galactic Light Being Collectives who are here to assist in earth’s Ascension, humanities Ascension. This is a gift that we have been blessed with from the divine to balance our light and dark selves to bring balance and create coherence—each level, each layer, mastering and balancing on a deeper level. Deeper and deeper, raising our vibration higher and higher – ascending!

Humanity was born to ascend! They were born to be abundant; they were born to be free! People were also born to have free will and make choices. The new age info is clear free will is something that humans were born with, but there is a major flaw because the imbalance controls humanity right now! This imbalance is what has brought us here; this imbalance is what has created our reality! It is up to humanity to take personal responsibility for the world in which they are the creator!

Do we want to evolve and align with creator energy, shifting and changing our inner world to create an outer world of abundance, freedom and joy? Do we have enough faith in ourselves to take the leap into the field of all creation and trust it to catch us?

Do we decide to exist and keep going and functioning as always, letting our negative emotions, traumas and beliefs have power over us! Not understanding why our life is the way it is and the struggles and symptoms we are suffering?

Do we as humans have faith after all the darkness that has fallen? Do we still see a glimmer of light? Are we still connected to that higher part of us, or are we totally cut off and disconnected from imbalance?

Source and the GoldenAge 33 communicate the importance of this leap! Faith that yes things can get better, and the leap into the field of possibilities! The quantum leap! The imbalance will try and hold you back! You may be a victim, so the leap- absolutely crucial. Once the leap is made, you will be able to navigate and shed that imbalance that once brought you undone and made you underestimate yourself! Who will take the quantum leap?

GoldenAge Ascension is still very much growing and evolving! It is such an exciting thing that humanity gets to partake in, witnessing in the creation process of this Ascension tool! History in the making and the beginning of something magical!

As more join and raise their vibration, the more the collective consciousness of the planet will benefit! We have discovered that humanity is key to this shift. We have the choice, power and control to shape our lives and get to create something unique; we get to assist in creating something greater! We get access to the new deeper truth in which we are!

A universal lesson in which you get to partake! By releasing your lower vibrational frequencies, you will get access to higher vibrational frequencies! As you do level up and getting access to more information and wisdom that is part of you!

As you clear the low frequencies, you will create more coherence, order and optimise your system to understand and master those deeper issues, struggles and symptoms you suffer! This is simple stuff!, it is all based on frequency and vibration.

A deeper truth and understanding of life and creation for those who seek that! The truth is out there, but it is up to you to take the leap of faith. The leap into the field! The quantum leap. Can you let go for the possibility of something greater? Join us now if you are ready!

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