The Truth About Karma

The truth about Karma | Nadine Hamilton

Karma is Karma for one fundamental reason. The vibrational frequency in which you are. This is the truth about Karma.

The old-age understanding is not the way it is! In the old age, Karma is believed to be if you do something wrong, it will come back to you.

Truth is it is more simple this and can be changed by healing. You, as a soul, are energy, you are a frequency.

You as a soul are living on many different planes of existence simultaneously. Based on your vibration, you will attract things that match this vibration. So, the way to positively affect your Karma is by healing alone, healing with the new-age tools. Heal!

In the old age and the old way of understanding, there is nothing you can do. You can never change your Karma.

In the new age, with access to the new way, there absolutely is a way to change this. It all begins with the heart and connecting with your divine roots.

Not a quick thing to do in this linear time but entirely possible. For those who are seekers of the truth, the light, and the illumination this can be done.

In this reality, we are controlled! We are bound by the low negative energies within us. The only way to escape this reality is to start to go within and shift these energies.

We are transmuting these energies. The next step is awareness and understanding; just like the universe is infinite, so is the imbalance within. To shift, we need to be aware, self-aware and work on our own personal vibration.

You have access to all the information in this universe, but those who have a low vibrational frequency are cut off and extremely limited. For those that want the truth, you must go within, and follow your heart instead of your ego.

In this age at this moment, the mind can not be trusted; the imbalances that are controlling this part of us can only be released by healing.

In this age, we get a deeper understanding of outdated truths. We are put on a path to the inner, and the inner world is the only thing that can save us now.

This is the reset of life you once knew—the end of tyranny and fear. Once you take that first step and get the new age tools, you will see that all we really are is love, and by tuning into the heart space that is how we heal the world.

What you see happening in this reality is merely a reflection of your inner world. You are the creator. The darkness you see is the darkness within, coming to the surface to be purged, released and transmuted.

You are neither good nor bad. You just are, everything will be fine as you are the master of the universe and the one who will free us, just by freeing yourself.

The moral to this message is to surrender; you can not change a thing until you understand the only way forward is within.

Your trauma, emotions and toxicity are what is bringing your frequency down. The only way to be free is to access the new-age tools for transformation. In this new age, the only way forward is to go within and shift things. Embrace the darkness and the light, for these are your teachers for self-evolution and growth. Just as the light beings are teaching you so are the dark ones. There is no fear only love; you must remember you are an eternal being, and you are all.

The way up in frequency is to work from the energetic level for you are an energy being. You can ascend in all your beauty and discover your soul essence and reconnect with your divinity.

Have you been feeling like you are missing something? Feel like you are lost or stuck in the struggle? Do you feel like this reality doesn’t make sense anymore? The reason this is is that your soul is yearning for something new; it is yearning for the ability to create!

Get the tools to do this, be dedicated and follow your heart. Integrate into the 5D by shedding. Fear not what Karma will bring!

Karma is Karma because of your low vibration. If you are low vibration you will attract low vibrational experiences – it is that simple.

As you travel the road with GoldenAge Ascension, you will ascend higher and higher and venture deeper and deeper into your soul and that of creation.

With the support of the 11:11:11

The 11 Archangels. The 11 Ascended Masters. And 11 Galactic Light Beings who are here to assist in Earths Ascension and the integration of humanity into the 5D.

We are here, and we provide you with the tools to ascend and transcend this reality and to create a new one collectively. This is the rebirth and the reawakening of your divinity.

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