The Year of Transformation

The Year of Transformation | Nadine Hamilton
A turning point for humanity heralding us into a new GoldenAge! An age of peace, prosperity and abundance. A time in space where we each recognise our power and we use this to change the 3D! Change and transformation. 2020! The Year of Transformation. 
Never has our own healing been more important and crucial for the collective and our mission in raising consciousness. A time for connection and collaboration.
Tuning into ourselves and our mission in self-discovery and self-mastery. We now tune into our past endeavours to see clearly what it is we bring to the future. We use our past struggles to strengthen us and to lift others. Growth, growth, growth!
We release the old baggage to transcend to a new illuminated future! We healers and lightworkers get to step into our light warrior status!
Source, the archangels, ascended masters and the other light beings are ready for this brilliant shift in consciousness, they are all there to assist us in their gift to humanity. A time where we start peeling away the layers rapidly raising our vibration and that of mother earth. As we expand as does the universe.
We are one and we together are connecting through GoldenAge Ascension and lifting the planet into a new beginning. Using our bodies as conductors of pure source energy.
No longer limited by the lower energies we will ascend to new heights and become limitless. This is for the true light warriors who are not afraid to work hard at their own healing, those truth seekers who know and understand their power and wish to push the boundaries in creation!
GoldenAge Ascension is the newest modality sent for this time in space to set us free and change the fate of this world. New healing tools come when they are needed most and they grow in power and that is what is needed for the shifts to expand the collective!
So all of those who are feeling limited this is what you need. This is why you suffer the symptoms of the limitation. As consciousness has increased the older ways will not suffice. GoldenAge Ascension is an upgrade to the outdated models of healing. This tool will strengthen your current modality and will make you a leader in your chosen modality or practice. This is an Ascension tool
This is not for everyone, this is for the lightworkers and healers who are ready to take that leap of faith into the unknown, making a statement to the universe that they are ready!

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