You are a Mirror

You are a mirror | Nadine Hamilton

We were forced into lockdown as a means for the darkness to control humanity… but what was to be birthed from this was something that they would have never imagined!

In this day and age, it is normal for people to be looking out into the world and viewing it as something separate to them! Worrying about the world and feeling helpless to fix it.

As long as we keep viewing it this way we will not make a meaningful change! The truth is, your outside reality is a direct reflection of what is on your inside!

As people we are creators and we create the world in which we live! Creating with our thoughts and emotions! So the world and our reality is a direct reflection of that.

On an individual level what we view in our reality are clues and messengers to what we need to heal internally. It is as simple as that.
Over time our source essence has collected rubbish, throughout the ages, past lives, parallel lives and from our ancestors from all these.

In our original creation, we were pure divine source energy, though in our efforts to grow, learn and evolve we have collected rubbish along the way.
The past we have held onto and it has brought us here today. The rubbish we have collected is imbalance. This imbalance is what weighs us down and literally attracts more like matter to us!

So right now we are not exactly powerful creators and we feel it. We have so many issues right now that we are forced to deal with.

Right now there is so much imbalance and fear out there we are forced to stay at home in lockdown! The powers that be are controlling us on every level! The darkness has us all down.

The darkness is no more than imbalance and these people who are ruled by it are ruling us! What we need is a tool to shed this darkness within ourselves so we can shift reality.

The simplest most profound truth is we are mirrors! What we see in our reality is our own creation! As inhabitants of this earth, this universe we must each take responsibility for our crap and start shedding.

There is no more sitting on the fence thinking someone else will fix this. You need to fix it. We each need to start shedding the imbalance to raise our own vibration and that of the earth.

We each need to take care of number 1 our own personal reality. As you shed you will clear low vibrations, uncovering more of your source essence. As you shed your reality will start to shift!

You will start to understand truly how this universe works and how you actually held the power all along! This new age is all about learning who we truly are and the power we have held all along.

As we evolve so does the world!

So remember you are a mirror! What you see outside yourself is your own creation. We suffer because now this imbalance is unable to be pushed down any longer. It is time to shed.

If we refuse to get the tools to heal in the way the universe intends you will keep suffering, you will continue to feel lost and out of control in your life. Your imbalances will still have control over you.

If you choose to heal with the tools that Source and the GoldenAge Healing Collective have gifted us you will start to clear the way and get closer and closer to your divine source essence! You will start to shift your reality and our reality!

This is the time in space where we get to discover and explore our role as creators! A time in history that we will remember and give gratitude for as this is the time we awakened and discovered the true meaning of life!

The time where we each helped release the world from the darkness which has reigned for far too long! A time where we the people started to create a world of our dreams for our children!

Are you ready to take part in this paradigm shift? YES!!!

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