You are Haunted

You are Haunted | Nadine Hamilton

Who watches movies and shows on ghosts, spirits, demons and poltergeists? What is the one thing that makes negative energies grow stronger?

You got it. FEAR!!!! When a person moves into a haunted house small things start to happen… then as you become more aware to the fact there is something not quite right, maybe even supernatural! Experiences get ramped up, until there is no mistaking it – your house is haunted!!!

What’s happening is, they are growing stronger and stronger the more you are fearful. They feed off this low vibratory energy, because that is what they are – LOW VIBRATIONS!  This energy you are generating is making them more and more powerful! Their Electromagnetic Frequency gets stronger and yours diminishes!!!

So let’s just downscale it a little and talk about the fact that all people are HAUNTED – imbalanced with these Offensive Energies- Entities. Evil spirits, disembodied spirits, parasitic entities. These guys set programs up in our subconscious mind to affect the way we think, feel and act. They want to control us and keep us from Creator / Source Energy. They want to prevent us from stepping out and spreading our light with the world.

Source wants us to know that this is the modern day plague that is causing destruction, personally and globally. This is the reason the world is the way it is.

What is your view of the world around you right now? Think of the news and what you see and hear! It’s just nuts! Fear, selfishness, terror and hate!

Entities get power by us generating our low vibrations… they keep us sick to control us, they keep us fat to control us, they block our abundance to control us! They use millions of different techniques to control us! They use our imbalance against us. Source would like humankind to know there is an answer. The fix is easier than we may think. It’s time for us all to be activated and empowered to change our DNA and raise our vibration… when we do this everything else will follow suit.

Source would also like to point out those people who are on a spiritual path that cast judgement on others and let their ego override who they really are. Those spiritual beings with a closed mind and heart.

You my friends are no different, for ego and judgement is a true sign you are imbalanced, entities rule over you… You are not balanced and darkness leads you.”

“Be very careful with the spirits you communicate with because not are all from divine source energy, remember lies and deceit are no stranger of lower vibratory energies. Personal growth, protection and shedding is key.”

This new age is all about oneness and equality. We are all one! We all have the same divine spark within! We all have the same power! This Level One GoldenAge Ascension is levelling the playing field.

This Ascension tool is the only way you will be able to clear yourself of all the imbalance to bring you on to this next chapter. The heart has been key all along. All the darkness, lies and deceit is being purged for pure divine light and truth. The heart centre is a powerful generator of electromagnetic energy and by unlocking this centre and activating it we take our power back! The heart chakra is what connects both the physical body chakras to the spiritual body chakras… this is the balance between the two. It all begins and ends with the heart. With LOVE the highest vibration!

Those healers out there who are practising a modality this ascension tool is a massive upgrade to what you offer! It will complement your modality perfectly, which will make you so much more powerful! This is simply a tool for your tool belt that will allow you to protect yourself with 100% divine source energy, stay balanced and aligned, clear negative energies on a soul level – from this life, past life, inherited and absorbed.

Changing our DNA and raising our vibrations has never been easier. Level One GoldenAge Ascension is the new age ascension tool that has been sent through in preparation for entering into the 5D. We are all one and let’s do this together, the more of us that band together the faster we will get there. Source has a will and there is a way. If you wanna get there fast this is the way to go.

For those without the Level One be wary of muscle testing and divination entities muck with that more than you think! Your answers will never be accurate and of the highest truth.

You are OUTDATED and need to UPDATE it is the only way. There is no fear based attitudes or persuasions to this new age tool. Simply if you don’t get it you are just going to be left behind… literally. You will be running an outdated version of the human form. Your systems will be slow and you will suffer the ailments of the 3D reality. You will be stuck with your lifetimes of imbalance and entities will be able to disable you at there will. If you are a healer and using your particular modality you will be overwhelmed and struggle to keep up, But again I say there is no fear! Be weary of modalities and religions out there that preach fear! They are not of the light and are not from source energy!

We are amazing beings! Lets liken ourselves and the universe to a computer… this is the best way to describe it. Our subconscious mind is our internal database – our operating system.  That is connected to the database of the universe – the quantum field. We have programs that run in our operating system. We can change these and it is a fact and science proves it. Some of the programming however is old and outdated. Just like you windows or apple system it needs to be updated to maintain it… if it isn’t updated glitches start to appear and things do not work as effectively, sometimes it will just freeze.

We can liken this to dis-ease and symptoms in Mind + Body + Spirit.

For this is the digital age, the age of information where we are connected more than ever! The GoldenAge where science and spirituality meet to create something AMAZING. A new age where we are hardwired with the update to create the new world of empowerment and enlightenment. An age where we take our power back and discover how powerful we are as co-creators – manifesting a world we could have only dreamt of!

You are HAUNTED, yes! The truth is now at hand, which road you decide to take is up to you. Do not fear, it has always been the case -you can choose to keep ignoring or you can take action. You can embrace love… step out into the field with trust in your heart and evolve. You can trust in that divine spark which we all possess and activate your heart centre. All the struggle has been for a reason and now this is the answer to your prayers. All you need is to do is update your biology! Update your subconscious mind/ the operating system with the new code to be able to raise your vibe and clear the past baggage to step into a new way of being.

Source says:

“Humankind does have free will, but be wary the darkness does not discriminate.”

In other words the darkness does to give a crap, that’s how they do what they do, that’s how they imbalance you. They are rebels and use our free will against us.

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