Embodying Spirit: How The 144,OOO Will Light Up For Ascension

Embodying Spirit: A Journey Towards Ascension

Hey there, beautiful souls! It’s Nadine here, your spiritual guide on this incredible journey of Ascension. If you caught my recent video, you know we delved deep into the transformative power of embodying Spirit and how the 144,000 are lighting up for Ascension. Today, I want to expand on those insights and share some empowering knowledge to uplift your spirit and guide you on your path.

Firstly, let’s talk about what it means to embody Spirit. For me, it’s been a six-year journey of immersing myself in the essence of Christ consciousness. It’s about tapping into a frequency that transcends the mundane and connects us with the divine spark within. Each of us carries this potential, this luminous energy waiting to be awakened.

Now, let’s address the significance of the 144,000. These are not just numbers; they represent a collective of souls on a mission. They are not followers but trailblazers, walking to the beat of their own drum. If you’ve ever felt a calling to something greater, if you’ve sensed since childhood that you’re here for big things, then you might be one of these divine beings too.

The Ascension journey is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a spiritual initiation, an attunement to higher frequencies. It’s about seeking knowledge, uncovering truths, and understanding our purpose in this vast tapestry of existence. It’s a path of healing, of releasing old wounds and embracing our wholeness.

One of the key aspects I touched upon is the importance of physical symptoms. Our bodies often serve as messengers, signalling areas where we need healing and growth. Paying attention to these signs can be a profound way to navigate the Ascension process and align with our truest selves.

I also want to invite you to join me in the Inner Circle. It’s a space of co-creation, healing, and learning. Together, we dive deep into spiritual wisdom, share experiences, and support each other on this transformative journey. If you’re ready to manifest abundance, heal blockages, and connect with like-minded souls, then consider this your invitation.

Now, let’s address some common misconceptions. Ascension is not about blind worship or adherence to dogma. It’s about seeking inner truth, questioning beliefs that no longer serve us, and embracing a higher consciousness. It’s a journey of liberation, breaking free from the constructs that bind us and stepping into our divine sovereignty.

Speaking of sovereignty, let’s touch on desire. Desire is not just about material wants; it’s about the heart’s yearning for expansion, growth, and connection. It’s about aligning our desires with our soul’s purpose and allowing that divine spark to guide us towards fulfilment.

On this journey, we encounter challenges and doubts. There are moments when the path ahead seems daunting when the weight of the world feels heavy on our shoulders. But remember, dear ones, you are stronger than you know. Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth, and every setback is a stepping stone towards greater resilience.

I want to share a personal anecdote to illustrate this point. There was a time when I faced immense financial pressure, doubting how I would continue on this path. But through divine guidance and perseverance, doors opened, and abundance flowed. It was a reminder that when we align with our purpose, the universe conspires to support us.

In closing, I want to emphasize that Ascension is not a destination but a continuous journey of self-discovery and evolution. It’s about embracing the light within and shining it brightly for all to see. So, my beautiful beings, keep shining, keep growing, and keep embodying the divine essence that you are.

Thank you for joining me on this sacred journey. Until next time, may your hearts be filled with love, your minds with wisdom, and your spirits with boundless joy.

With love and light,

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