Unlocking Divine Truths: Releasing Deception for Spiritual Ascension

Embracing Spiritual Ascension: Releasing Deception and Aligning with Divine Truths

Welcome, beautiful beings! Today, I want to delve into some profound insights that will guide us toward spiritual ascension by releasing deception and embracing divine truths. When I refer to ‘divine truths,’ I’m talking about the fundamental principles of spirituality that are universally true and can guide us in our spiritual journey. As many of you might be feeling, there’s a heavy, uneasy energy in the collective right now. This isn’t just an individual experience; it’s something that we, as a collective, are tuning into. Our task is to address this heaviness through spiritual evolution, allowing us to access the truth of who we are.

Understanding Collective Energy

Every week, as I and you show up, we are not just individuals. We are a collective, anchoring this knowledge—the light of Christ, the god-source creation—into our lives. This process is not just crucial; it’s the very essence of our spiritual evolution. By understanding and connecting with the collective energy, we not only heal and ascend spiritually but also strengthen our bond as a community.

Today, I felt particularly heavy and overwhelmed, a sensation many of you might relate to. It’s crucial to recognize these feelings not as personal burdens but as reflections of the collective energy we’re tapping into. Spirit has guided me to share this message: We need to release these blockages to facilitate our spiritual ascension.

The Power of Community and Engagement

One of the most profound aspects of this journey is our unity. By engaging with each other through comments and live interactions, we not only share insights and ask questions but also offer a powerful support system. This unity is not just important; it’s vital for our collective healing and spiritual growth.

I strongly encourage everyone to join our YouTube community. It’s a space where we can unify, learn, and heal together. By actively interacting in the present moment, we harness a potent energy that fosters our spiritual growth. Remember, being present is not just a tool in our spiritual toolkit; it’s a superpower that empowers us in our journey.

Embracing the Present Moment

Spirit has repeatedly emphasized the importance of living in the now or the ‘present moment.’ When we focus on the present, we align more closely with our spiritual selves and divine energy. This alignment is essential for accessing the higher frequencies of the divine light of Christ. To embrace the present moment, try to focus your attention on the current task or experience, letting go of past regrets or future worries.

In moments of overwhelm, like facing a daunting task, breaking it down into present-moment actions can be incredibly grounding. For instance, instead of feeling burdened by the entirety of a task, focus on completing one page at a time. This approach not only eases the burden but also aligns you with the flow of divine energy.

Releasing Deception and Ego

A significant barrier to our spiritual ascension is the deception and ego that keep us trapped in duality. This duality, often symbolized by the battle between good and evil or God and Satan, creates separation within us. To transcend this, we must release these deceptive programs and align with the divine truth.

The light of Christ and the god-source is here to guide us. When I refer to ‘Spirit,’ I’m talking about the divine energy that is present in all things and guides us in our spiritual journey. By releasing our ego and embracing the higher self, we can begin to heal. This healing journey requires us to be authentic and vulnerable, sharing our struggles and recognizing that we are not alone.

The Role of the Inner Circle

To support this journey, I invite you to join the Inner Circle. This exclusive community provides the spiritual tools and divine protection needed to heal and ascend. The Inner Circle is a space where we can deepen our spiritual practice, receive personalized guidance, and connect with a supportive community. It offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply with the core of creation and the divine light of Christ.

Through the Inner Circle, we can collectively release separation and unify. This process involves overcoming old patterns of blame and victimhood. We can transform our lives by taking responsibility for our healing and investing in our spiritual growth.

Aligning with Divine Frequency

The journey of spiritual ascension is like aligning lights in a game to win a prize. Each step requires precision and focus. Similarly, aligning with the divine frequency, which refers to the high vibrational energy of the divine, involves releasing old patterns and embracing the present moment.

Practices like the absolute hand pose can help balance our energy and connect us more deeply with the divine. The absolute hand pose is a simple yet powerful action where you bring your hands together in a prayer-like position, with the thumbs touching the sternum. This pose anchors us in the present and aligns us with the higher frequencies necessary for spiritual evolution.

Transcending Duality

A recurring theme in spiritual teachings is the concept of duality. Duality creates a false separation within us, keeping us trapped in cycles of fear and deception. By transcending duality, we move towards unity and alignment with the divine.

This process involves healing our relationships, both with ourselves and others. Recognizing that patterns and behaviours in our family and relationships are reflections of our inner state is crucial. Healing these aspects within ourselves helps us shift our external reality.

Embracing Spiritual Ascension

Spiritual ascension is a challenging journey. It requires dedication, vulnerability, and a willingness to face our shadows. However, through this process, we release deception and access divine truths.

In the Inner Circle, we support each other through this transformative journey. Together, we tap into the divine light of Christ, heal our wounds, and ascend spiritually. By unifying and working together, we can reach new heights and contribute to the collective healing of humanity.


As we navigate these challenging times, remember that you are not alone. We are all part of this collective journey towards spiritual ascension. We can access the truth of who we are by releasing deception, embracing the present moment, and aligning with the divine frequency.

Join us in the Inner Circle to deepen your spiritual practice, receive divine protection, and connect with a supportive community. Together, we will transcend duality, heal our wounds, and ascend to new spiritual heights.

Let’s embrace this journey with open hearts and minds, knowing that the divine light of Christ is guiding us every step of the way. Thank you for being part of this transformative process. Namaste.

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